Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 469

For me it is time to cleanse. Ripping out the old and bringing in the new.  Tidying up around the outside so that I can feel clearer within.  That's the secret to a cluttered mind ...

It's amazing now cleaning out cupboards and drawers and desks and bedrooms can completely transform your mind from one of muddle and fluff to one of clarity and order.  There's a whole field of expertise out there on de-cluttering and its value when it comes to a busy head.  I'm a big fan.  Once it's done of course.  Not a big fan if I haven't actually done it yet and I can see the enormity of the clean-up ... that just clutters my mind further until i want to hide under a doona and never come out.  But once I have done it ... even just one little cupboard ... I feel the relief as my brain magically starts to regain order.  Each time I line my shoes up in order, or put winter clothes in a big box and pack it away, or reorganise my kitchen cupboard, I can feel my head putting subject matter into little boxes, lining up to-do items, and dumping old garbage that I no longer need to think about.

Yesterday Derek and I went shopping.  The kids are with Nanny and Pop so we were able to do it as a couple rather than as parents.  We headed off with nothing in mind other than to enjoy some time alone together and make use of the sales while we were at it. I came home with two new tops and a dress.  Derek came home with t-shirts.  It was a nice day.  Having beautiful new stylish clothing made me feel like ripping my closet apart to get rid of the scraggy bits and bobs.  So as soon as we walked back into our temporary child free zone I pulled my wardrobe apart and cleansed.  For my 3 new items of clothing I got rid of around 15 items of faded, stretched or old fashioned clothing.  Then I lined up my shoes and dusted them off.  I took a tub and folded up my winter shirts neatly inside and stashed them at the top of my wardrobe out of the way.  I hung up my clothes in order of pants, dresses, and shirts, then folded my t-shirts in order of gym wear and day wear.  With a big Santa sack of old clothes over my shoulder I was able to stand back and assess the newly ordered cupboard.  Instantly a tiny section of my brain whipped into shape.  And it felt good.  Derek was equally impressed and has decided he might do the same in his half of the cupboard! That would be nice ...

Today I will do similar with my underwear and swimwear drawers.  Then I might tackled my desk drawers and bedside table.    Who knows where this may lead.  At the very least it may just take away the cotton wool that has been residing in my brain for the last month or so ...

Still sending positive energy to all those in distress right now.  My thoughts are with so many. Wishing you all sunshine, rainbows and butterfly kisses ...


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day and just what I need to do :)

  2. I am a fan as well. I love to organize stuff. I seriously just finished re-organizing the freezer. Husband messed it up.

  3. Hi Leanne,

    I am back, good to hear you have been decluttering. Well done.


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