Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 470

Wanna see where all my writing takes place?  Well, be patient. We've got other things to do first ...

Gosh, all that cleansing and cleaning out has got me feeling pretty happy and somewhat energised.  Somewhat. I did the undies drawer yesterday and got rid of more stretched and faded garb. One lacy bodysuit in particular had me a little perplexed. It would have to have been 15 years old and in a very odd way kinda resembled Borrat's mankini.  I threw it away (after I threw up in my mouth a little bit).

So we've established that decluttering has a positive effective.  It certainly dusts the ol' soul! But I'm here to tell ya, that if you're in a momentary unprovoked lapse of joy the next thing on the list should be to dance.  Shake off those glo-mesh hot pants, grab a boob tube and crank up the stereo.  We're going dancing baby.  Why? Because I was visiting Lucy over at and she had this music montage she'd "borrowed" and it totally had me getting jiggy with it.  Check it out over here.

Anyway, today I thought we might have a little break from all this reading and start dancing instead.  Today (inspired by Lucy) I'm here to entertain you.  So crank up your volume, get off your chair, and get your wiggle on!  For the next few minutes your arse is mine. Prepare to be entertained and pretend all the words coming out of Robbie's mouth are mine.  There's so much of Robbie I'd like to be mine if the truth be known ...

Meanwhile I'm off to put my Live at Knebworth DVD on in the lounge room to wake up my family in a very entertaining way ....

Just so you can get your bearings on where I am when I am writing to you ... I am usually at my kitchen bench/breakfast bar.  That's where most of my inspiration comes from, usually with kids sitting behind me on the lounge watching their 30 minutes of morning TV before I shut it all down to start our day ....
This photo was taken at night .... no ... I don't usually do champagne for breakfast ... although it sounds like a bloody good idea ...

This morning I shared my morning blog with Maggie ... he sits right outside the French doors to the left of this picture and sings to me ...

Feel free to check out where others in this bloggy world do their stuff. Their "office space" is so much cooler than mine!


  1. Ahhh, Knebworth.

    My arse is yours. Robbie and Leanne, my arse is yours.

    Thank you, sweet girl.

    You and Robbie, you rock. Both of you. xx

  2. I enjoy a glass of wine (or 3) while blogging too. Usually after dinner although champagne breakfast does sound tempting! Thanks for sharing your blogspace. Nice to meet you :)

  3. Hiya! Thanks for popping over to my space!
    Love yours and by the way... you don't look a day over 21! By the way for the music go to and I'mm terribly sorry it frightened you but I have to admit I had a chuckle when I read that :)
    With love
    xx Stacey

  4. oh the kitchen counter top is my little friend at the moment..

  5. Not a day over 21? Who's my new best friend ... um, Stacey is! Nice to meet you all :)


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