Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 471

Sometimes I just get the giggles. For no apparent reason.  I am just giggling at the thoughts inside my head.  Some are random made up notions, and others are memories.

Jen at Jemikaan wrote about playing hide and seek with her kids.  That brought back a whole stack of giggling memories.  So here I sit in the early hours of sparrows fart trying not to wake the house with my little snickers. Thanks for the inspiration Jen.

My first memory of hide and seek with Tahlia was when she was around two years of age. She and her big big sister Chelsea (13 at the time) were running around the house looking for places to hide. It was always easy to find Tahlia - she'd be in the last place Chelsea hid.  I finally encouraged her to find her own hiding spot, and she came up with a pearler.  She simply bent over and stuck her head into the washing basket.  She couldn't see us, so surely we couldn't see her?! I can still picture it today .... the basket still in its original upright position, pink corduroy bum in the air, little pink and white gingham Pumpkin Patch feet rooted to the carpet.  Chelsea and I entered the room and promptly left again due to the laughter that was about to explode. Do you know how hard it is to contain full on belly aching laughter? We were bent over in "pain" trying not to laugh out loud.  When we finally contained ourselves we re-entered the room and pretended we couldn't see her.  To this day I still declare that one of my most precious memories.

But it doesn't end there.  As she grew so did her innovation for fabulous hidey holes.  She's one of those kids that can bend and flex into the size of an envelope.  So you can imagine the strife she'd get into ... the top shelf of the linen cupboard, the bottom shelf of the pantry, the bathroom cabinet.  Yes.  That's where things can get a little tricky.  We were travelling in the US with my bestie and her friends.  We were staying in a condo in Ocean City and the kids were all playing hide and seek. Tahlia was only about 6 at the time. Anyway, all us adults were sitting on the balcony drinking in the summer air, when one of the male adults returned to the table as white as a ghost.  He was a bit upset.  Kind of nervous.  Sort of perplexed.  It turns out that he was in the bathroom taking a pee when Tahlia and her friend jumped out from the cupboard under the sink.  This guy wasn't a dad.  To have two little girls standing in front of him as he waved the old sword about was a tad disconcerting.  His shock was evident.

That didn't deter my Tahlia though.  It happened again a few years later. Only this time it was with her Grandad.  It turns out that when he is taking some time on the toilet he'll often close his bedroom door but leave his en suite door open so he can look out the bedroom window (through the sheer curtains) at the coastal world outside. A poo with a view. It's a relaxing time.  Quite pleasant. Kind of dreamy and peaceful.  After one particularly peaceful session he was leaving the bedroom when he noticed the bedspread was a little rumpled at one corner. He bent down to adjust it to be greeted by giggles.  Underneath were Tahlia and her cousin lying stiff as boards with their eyes closed.  Trying not to make a sound.  Trying to ignore their Grandads dreamy sit (straight out of the Colour Bond roof ads).  

Yes, hide and seek is a fabulous little game to play with the kids.  Absolutely fabulous.  I might set up a game with my kids today ...

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