Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 472

This morning I woke up with a migraine.  It's been a while.  It was quite bad ... nausea, pain above the left eye, running down my neck and into my shoulders.  A bit of a bummer too since we're now at the coast and I was really looking forward to a day on the beach.  So I popped some heavy duty pain killers and went back to bed with a bucket on the floor beside me.  I could hear Derek and the kids getting ready. They were putting their boards in the car, the towels, a bucket and spade, my sun bed.  I laid there and watched through the window.  That's when I decided ... I could lay in pain here all alone in my bed ... or I could lay in pain in a beautiful sea breeze by the ocean. With the help of pain killers I chose the latter. It's kinda like that though, isn't it? You can choose to either live with it, or fade quietly away with it.   Hiding is great at times, but on a day like today living was the way to go ....

Besides, a quick dip into a cold ocean is a great way to shock at headache out of the system.  I'm not cured.  But I'm alive ...


  1. I am glad.

    I love that image.

    At the risk of sounding like a nanna hen - these migranes - get them checked out?


  2. LOL. Yeah. Been getting migraines since I was 11. I used to get them really bad, and sometimes they would last for weeks. I'd end up in hospital on morphine. But not anymore. I have made many life changes including to diet which have dramatically reduced them. Hereditary ...
    Thanks for being a nanna hen.

  3. That is the best way. Migraines suck. Reverse psychology always works with migraines... I dance like a mad woman when I have migraine. And it vanishes.


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