Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 474

Yesterday I expressed my lack of interest in "fine" food and all things Master Chef. One of my bloggy followers, Ratz (check out her website here)  made the comment:
"I like Master Chef more because it helps me focus on my dreams like the contestants do. It thus makes me feel that I am not alone."  

Now that's a bloody good reason to watch Master Chef!! Nice one Ratz. 

The show that resonates most with me about following dreams is "The Biggest Loser".  Not so much for weight loss and fitness (although I do focus on their fight when I am exercising which helps me to exercise harder) but more for the absolute guts and determination and focus and energy it takes to achieve something huge.  Achieving amazing things doesn't come easily. To achieve something big you've got to do big things.  And those people who are literally working their arses off are doing big things. HUGE things.  Amazing things.  I cry when I watch The Biggest Loser.  I cry because I am just so bloody proud.

It just goes to show the strength that we humans have. The resilience.  The abilities we have to get through.  The human spirit is an amazing piece of magic.  You've just got to find it, nurture it and believe in it.

There's a whole lot of resilience going on over at Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum.  Lori lost her husband two weeks ago to suicide.  Lori has been struggling as you can imagine.  But her strength is starting to shine through ... her spirit is a little muffled due to tragedy ... but it is still managing to sparkle despite the darkness that surrounds her.  Her story is harrowing, but it's another one of those stories that just makes you so damn proud. 


  1. I always cry at Biggest Loser too. Lots of tears.


  2. I cry at The Biggest Loser too. I filled out an application once, but didn't mail it off as I suffer claustrophobia & anxiety & didn't think I could cope with the it bad though that part of me was happy that I'd probably not be picked as I wasn't heavy enough?

    Lori I've been with you every day in spirit honey. Some periods of our life could benefit from that darn fast forward button like on the movie Click. Hugs to all xx


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