Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 475

Kylee from Boomerang Jane commented on this photo over on my Facebook page.  She said "I imagine it's hard not to glow with such good health and happiness with an umbrella cocktail in your hands, lol."

She's right of course! Anything is possible with one of those little umbrellas dangling from your glass.  At the very least it reminds you of the good times.

Derek and I were thinking about that just last week. We've been reflecting a bit on our favourite experiences and the one that keeps sitting foremost in our mind is our trip to Hawaii to renew our wedding vows back in 2008. We set off with the two kids and my folks and spent 2 glorious weeks hanging out at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  We got marriage on the beach by a Hawaiian celebrant and then gathered a few acquaintances who happened to be around at the time and headed to a posh beach side restaurant for a feed. It was a brilliant holiday full of cocktails, pools, exotic birds, shopping, floating in the water and total and complete joy.  So we've decided we might like to go back.  Derek's brother and family have been wanting to do it for a while, and my Mum will look for any excuse to go splat on a beach, so we figured "why the hell not?!"  Well .... money for a start I guess ....

Derek and I started looking at flights the other day and got extremely excited to find flights starting at $600. We couldn't believe it.  Really? We wanted to go in the USA peak season (our winter).  Still that cheap? We looked at the fine print (non -refundable ... but hey ...that's why God gave us travel insurance ...) and couldn't find anything untoward.  We got very excited and rang anyone who would listen inviting them along.  We invited Derek's brother over for dinner to discuss it.  It's a goer! I rang Ma and Pa and told them to give it some thought.  Then we went back onto the internet to book the tickets before the wonderful prices disappeared.

And disappeared they had.  What?!  But they were still there yesterday .....

We kept searching. Down into the bowels of the land of the world wide web we went.  Come on ... where are you?  Please don't make this a mirage.  Surely it wasn't that hot yesterday that we are seeing imaginary websites ....

We kept searching. Bingo! We looked at the screen.  There it is!!! Woot wooot.  We plugged in the dates and the number of travelers. We looked really hard again.  Total cost for four of us $2400.  Book 'em Danno.

But wait!!! What's this arrow here?  OMG.  You're kidding me?  We scrolled down .... right to the bottom of the page ... the bastards .... even though we'd plugged in all our dates and gave us a total ... that was only a total ONE WAY!!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Idiots.  OMG.  But I rang everyone and told them.  I texted friends and told them.  This wonderful deal of ours ... please don't tell me it actually is too good to be true. Yep.  There is one thing worse than looking stupid .... actually being stupid.


So here I sit with my cocktail umbrellas at the ready, and my suitcase packed in my mind, and realise that we may just be spending our winter in cold old Canberra-ville after all. Sigh. Or ....

We could get the vision board ready with photos of our ultimate Hawaiian escape and visualise the cost of the airfares with force and absolute belief and actually manifest the deal of a life time.  Yep! That's what we'll do .....  I'm not going to put my cocktail umbrella away just yet.


  1. Fabulous photo of you both renewing your vows. Sorry your holiday dream did not work out. Hope you find something else.

    Mich x

  2. You're gorgeous. In photos and in word and in your enthusiasm. xx

  3. You're beautiful, Leanne. Inside and out.

    That glow!

    Your vow renewal photo is so gorgeous.

    SSG xxx

    aSydney Shop Girl blog

  4. You'll get there. If a vision board can get anybody something, it's YOU! Wish I could meet you...

  5. The one day I couldn't get to your blog & my name is staring back at me in bright lights, doh!!

    Love both those photos, you do photograph well hon. Keep your eyes peeled, I have a feeling you'll find those cheap fares any day now!


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