Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 476

Did you know that this week is Healthy Weight Week in Australia?  Well now you do.

It runs from 23 - 30 January and is brought to us by the Dietitians Association of Australia and supported by Channel 10.  It's all about encouraging us to maintain a healthy weight and live a healthy lifestyle.  You can read about it here. 

It's a bit of a bugger doing it in January when we're doing our summer partying.  But then again, I suppose with all those New Years resolutions it's the perfect time to get people focused.  Start of a new year and all that.  Add to that the excess skin we're all showing right now and I suppose someone somewhere has to do something about the fat that is hemorrhaging out of this fair country of ours.  Healthy Weight Week is the perfect place to start.

There's rumors being spread that Australia is currently listed as the fattest country in the world.  I can't find any qualified evidence to back that up.  The information I've found quoted from the World Health Organisation doesn't even have us listed in the top 10, however we are listed as a country "of note".  Which means we're well on our way ...

So with all that said (and with Australia Day coming up tomorrow) I just wanted to say "OI!!"  Let's do our little bit for Australia in keeping those statistics down.  Check out the Healthy Weight Week website and sign up for a fit and fabulous 2011.

Who's with me? Anyone??

You're looking at my photos right now aren't you. Yeah, I know. I'm not exactly obese. But I do struggle with my health and fitness so I'd still like to be involved if that's ok ...healthy weight week is for anyone who wants to retain good health of mind, body and soul ... me included.

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