Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 478

How was your Australia Day? Mine was fine thanks.  We spent a glorious day at a friends house jumping in and out of the water to stay cool on our 35 degree day.  Love being an Aussie.

Anyhoo, that was yesterday and today is today.

I've started back on the whole fitness thing.  I think you know that already. I signed up to a gym in about October and really powered into it for a while, then Christmas and summer hit, and I suspended my membership for four weeks while we traveled to and from the coast. Now I'm supposed to be back in full swing but finding it a little difficult due to school holidays (need to find something to do with the kids while I'm at the gym) and because I'm so darn fatigued all the time.

Yes, the fatigue bug has been hanging around again.  Nasty beast.  He's been hanging off my back for a while now, getting increasingly heavier every week.  He digs his claws into my back and just hangs there.  This makes it pretty tricky to get through my days, let alone power out a gym session. Which sucks, because I was doing really well back at the gym. My muscle memory seemed to kick in really well and I toned up again within a couple of weeks of joining. Of course that is now going by the wayside a bit. Anyway, I'm back at the gym, but not really back at the gym.

Because of the fatigue I'm in a dilemma as to how much to do.  Fitness creates fitness.  Doesn't it? Energy creates energy.  Isn't that right? So I keep going.  Hoping that staying active through the fatigue will magically make it disappear.  But it's not disappearing, so that's a bit sucky.  Hmmm. What to do, what to do?

Well, firstly I'm not giving up.  I am doing at least one class a week at the moment - pump - and at least one session where I just walk up hill on the treadmill.  Next week I am going to push it to two classes and a treadmill.  We'll see how we go ...

And yes.  Regarding that fatigue thing, I'm going to look into it.  Will head to the doctor and get my bloods done and that sort of thing. I believe I already know what it is all about. Maybe. I've gone through it all before.  Plenty of times. You just don't know about it. Yet.

Come back tomorrow and I'll have a chat about it.  In the meantime, I'm off to the gym to climb a hill.

Today is Thursday and that's the day where Lucy gets a bunch of people get together to encourage each other through fitness and weight loss.  Check it out: 


  1. Bring on back to school. I need the routine that school gives. I am back into too - and I am hoping that my muscles have good memories too...

    Hugs to you. And thank you, for linking up.


  2. Love reading your Fat to Fit post you hit the nail on the head for a lot of people who are losing weight.

    I've linked up to Lucy's Fat to Fit but wont be starting till Tues (1st Feb 2011) after I've seen my Dr on Mon (31st Jan 2011) as I have a medical problem I need to take into account when losing weight.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  3. Nice to see you again, haven't visited in a while. I am always fatigued. Or is it just bloody exhausted?

    Have you had a look at your diet. A lot of people get this way when they increase their intake on certain foods eg Wheat and dairy. Not sure if you have problems with any of those?

    Regards. Dr Try Hard Rucci x


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