Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 480

Yesterday I talked about my fibromyalgia.  In the midst of my fatigue I sat down and told you a bit about it.  I don't normally talk about it. I prefer to get through it on my own.  I refuse to become a victim to it so I don't like to give it energy.  I feel that giving it energy gives it legs. And when it gets legs the fatigue monster climbs on my back and digs in his claws. So I choose not to talk about it.  I tuck it away and carry on with my life. Head held high. Nothing wrong with me.

But the other day in the middle of one of my periods of fog, I read a post which made me decide to share my story.  You can read that post by Jemikaan here. It was a post on depression which has encouraged me to talk to you about my fibromyalgia.  For the sake of others ...  

Then this morning as I was getting ready to dive into the next fibromyalgia chapter I wandered over to another blog to see how things were going. You will recall that Lori over at Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum lost her husband a few weeks ago to suicide.  Her post gives a blow by blow account of the day Tony died.  It is a shocking but necessary account of the events that could lead to such an incident. Lori has bravely shared it so that others can learn from her pain.  You can read her post here.

Today I am not going to talk about my fibromyalgia.  Today I will just let you absorb my post of yesterday, and the posts of fellow bloggers.  But tomorrow I will chat about it again .... unless something hysterical happens in the meantime that has me screaming "I'm soooooo blogging this" and then I'll kick fibro off the page to make room for a giggle-fest.  Agreed?  


  1. Hello Leanne

    Hand in there.

    Take care and lots of love

    SSG sss

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. I have friends who suffer from mysterious ailments and so many people think they're making it up, or bunging it on. I think it's important to get stories out there, because you never know who you might be helping.
    I'll be reading it whenever it comes.

  3. I read both the posts Leanne... They were heart- wrenching. I suffer from depression as well and I have realised it only lately... so I am on a bit of journey of ups and downs... I always think of 2010 as my revelation year. There was no success in that year, more and more revelations to questions... Thanks to that and fellow bloggers who are courageous enough to share their part of life and stories... I have a feeling I can beat it.

    I am yet to read your post... off I go. Have a great weekend,

  4. The honesty in these blog posts - yours and others - is inspiring. Too often women feel they have to present a front to the world - that of a capable, strong woman who can cope with anything. Too often this is not the case. There is nothing weak or shameful about admitting that you are not perfect and you have challenges and struggles in your life. *big hugs*

  5. Thanks SSG. And best wishes to you too as you go through your own difficult time.

    Toni, Ratz and Kelly - I have never wanted to talk about my fibro simply because I wanted to be stronger than it. I don't want to be a victim to it. But that is hard to maintain. It was reading about others fights with depression and similar conditions that prompted me to be honest with my readers. Taking off the mask and letting it out definitely helps more people than keeping it hidden. I guess at least this way we can all fight the big fight together ... Thanks so much for your support.


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