Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 481

Can I just say a great big thank you to everyone who has commented on my last two posts about fibromyalgia.  Such great support and also really great insight! Yes, it seems it is definitely better to talk about it. And I will continue to do so …

But I will not be talking about fibromyalgia today! Absolutely not.  Today is a glorious day and not one to be talking about such things as chronic fatigue and nausea and headaches and pain. 

So yeah, I woke up with a headache. But I took painkillers and let it rest in the background.  Then two carloads of people headed to a nearby national park where we drove through coastal bushland and wound our way down to perfect beachfront.  Heavenly.

We put up our portable cabana, set up the sun beds, loaded up on sunscreen, lined up the towels and sorted through the boogie boards and went SPLAT!!  Well, some of us went splat, while others hit the waves. And oh what waves they were!!! Huge perfectly formed rolls of dumping froth that had everyone very excited.  Me, not so much. I’m more of a lay and watch kinda chick. I only go in to cool down.  Today I actually had a go at some body surfing but had a vertigo attack and had to head back in.  I got dumped on the way which cemented the notion that I was better off sticking with the banana lounge.

There was entertainment too which was a bonus.  For us laying about we got to witness a human bull as he ambled down the beach in his black spandex bike shorts and matching fitted rashie.  At first I thought he was wearing a bum bag (fanny pack) on his front and that it was hanging awkwardly between his legs. Not so.  As he came closer it was evident that he was packing some pretty major testicular ammo in his shorts.  I got the giggles of course.  My sister-in-law directed her gaze at my giggle-fest and soon her jaw was scraping on the sand.  We watched with a mixture of horror and fascination as he proceeded to put his own beachside gazebo together, bending over, back to us, with his arse in the air, the bag of fruit hanging lower and lower.  Definitely trying to smuggle oranges or grapefruit across the boarder. Either that or he was planning on a game of Bocce later in the day and was carrying his balls in his shorts.  I dunno.  But it didn’t get old … kept us entertained for hours!

We were there for a total of five hours I think.  Just laying around, occasionally hopping it the water, watching the kids ride the waves.  We ate salad sandwiches, drank copious amounts of water and tucked into lovely wedges of fresh pineapple and water melon.  And laughed about human bulls balls bulls ball bulls. 

Yeah, I had to reload on the painkillers at one point but it was all good. Better than lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. 

Talk to you tomorrow …  


  1. There's a guy at the end of my block who wears his shorts literally on the pubic line, and he's usually standing around with his back to the road watering the garden in the afternoons so you can see nearly the whole of his butt. This might be quite an attraction if he wasn't 70+! It's so awful you have to look but then your eyes hurt and then you have to look again to see if it was really that bad....
    thank God he's only got gooseberries in front.

  2. See, I love the aeroguard ad with the bloke in the red dickstickers - makes me laugh everytime.

    Don't you love days like that? I must admit I now understand the fatal attraction of banana lounges after yesterday.

  3. What a blissful way to spend the day. Makes you so rested and ready for the coming week.

    You deserve it, Leanne!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  4. Sounds fabulous! Being near water is wonderful.

  5. LOL...that is too funny....made Mike and I think of Bondi and the lady "whose ass was eating her bikini bottom"....l

  6. LOL. Gooseberries. And LOL, aerogard ad. AND LOL eating of the bikini bottom!! So much LOL.


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