Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 483


Don't step foot in the house!

The cleaner's been.

For the next 24 hours absolutely NO living is to take place in this house.  Got it?!

No, you can't have popcorn for afternoon tea. The carpet is currently perfect. The cleaner's been.

No, you can't sit on the lounge and watch TV.  The lounge is all plumped and pristine. The cleaner's been.

No, you won't be going to the toilet. Suck it all back up. The cleaner's been.

Don't even think about preparing food and mucking up my kitchen. The cleaner's been.

Is it too much to ask to live in a perfectly clean house for 24 hours?

Ok, how about 12 hours?

Can I have 4?

2 ... all I want is 2 hours of cleanliness ...

Great.  2 hours it is then.

Let's just stand in the entry way and admire the house for a little longer, then you can all tip toe in and delicately place your backside on a dining chair where you can stare in fake wonder at the beauty that is a perfectly clean home.

And once I have had my two hour fill of serenity you can start living again.


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