Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 484

So, how's your book going?  When will we see it on shelves?

No freakin' idea.

And that, in a nutshell, is very frustrating.

My book was supposed to be on the shelves by Christmas. And then it was supposed to be going to print by mid February.  Sure I've seen a couple of mock-ups, but only two pages and the cover. What about the rest of it?  I need Johanna to approve her words in the Foreword and the way her name is displayed on the cover. I need Traci (my wonderfully fabulous illustrator) to approve the way the colours look and the way her name is displayed on the cover.  But nothing ... it seems there has been a standstill.

When I started on the road to getting published my success was, in large part, in my hands.  How hard I wanted to push was up to me.  Continual forward movement was up to me. And then something amazing happened. I got a publisher and I felt safe. They were wonderful! I got my own personal assistant and everything.  But once I signed the contract I suddenly started to feel vulnerable because any progress made was now up to them.  I had handed over control ...

As the months dragged by I wondered how hard I could push.  This is my first gig. I don't know how much I should just trust, and how much I should personally project manage.  I gently started to probe my personal assistant, who would respond, in time but without any real answers.  Sigh. So freakin' frustrating!!!

So I took a deep breath knowing I had a contract that promises (at the very least) publication within 365 days of signing. I know I'll be published by August.  Just be patient.

But August is too freakin far away!!!!! Why is this taking so long?

Anyway, last week I created a family vision board. You'll remember that I set about manifesting cheap fares to Hawaii ... well, I also set about manifesting the whole publishing thing.  I printed off pictures of 5th Avenue, I did a big sign with my Publishers name and address, I printed off the cover of my book. I even got a big picture of Johanna Griggs to put right next to her name on the cover.  (Oh, and one of Antonia for good measure given my second book is due out this year too.) And I sat and stared at it.  And visualised.  Visualised my book on shelves, of me doing book signings, of me walking down 5th Avenue and pushing the doors open to my publishers office.  I visualised and visualised and visualised.  Then I got confused and ended up in Hawaii lying on a sun bed by the pool with a cocktail in my hand .....

Anyway, all that visualisation had me very focussed and whether I manifested it or not, I got an email from the head of the publishing firm last night. Mr Publisher himself! It was a blanket email to all his authors about the need for change within their organisation.  It talked about intentions for quicker turn arounds and for better client service. It talked about the fact that a whole wad of people had just been let go due to lack of output, including a bunch of personal assistants.  It then asked me to fill out a questionnaire about any concerns I might have and how they could better service my needs as an author. Wow!!! Really? So it wasn't all in my head?  I was frustrated for a reason. It wasn't just because I'm new at this and don't have a clue.  They admit to their lack of forward movement and want to fix it to make me a happier camper.  And if I'm not a happy camper I can go directly to the man himself ... Mr Publisher ... and he'll fix it. Wow!!

Ok. So I still can't answer the questions "how's your book going? When will we see it on shelves?" but I can say that it is going well thanks, and it will be out soon.

Oh, and with all that rude Hawaii intrusion into my publishing visuals, I also got some kick arse flights to Honolulu in July! Yeah. We're going baby .... you'd better believe.

Good ol' visualisation board.  


  1. Oh man, I just chuckled out loud at the sudden visual transition from NY to Hawaii. Bit like my power point presentation stuff ups.

    Then of course I had a flashback to "Welcome to Holland" {{shudder}}.

    Of course, you'll be happy to pay for my therapy when your famous...won't you?

  2. Of course Mad Mother!! Therapy all the way.
    Yes, very much like a PP presentation glitch ... LOL ...

  3. I am so creating that visualization board... YOu rock Leanne. You seriously do...

  4. Oh wow, that's fabulous news! Well done to the publisher for taking the initiative to improve their customer service. I cannot WAIT until the day I can walk into a bookshop and buy a dozen copies of your book! xx

  5. A friend of mine moved to Hawaii on Tuesday. I'm monumentally jealous of her, but also saving my pennies for a visit to her new abode. (I may become a permanent houseguest.)


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