Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 489

It's official. The summer holidays are over and school begins again today.

For one little girl she is going into year 6 today.  She is quite excited but secretly anxious too.  She has plans that this year will be the best so far. She has already been busy devising a list of goals for the year and is ready to dive in.

For one little boy he is going into year 2 today. He is anxious but secretly excited too.  He has plans to be reading along with his friends in no time.  He has already been doing homework all holidays as part of his dyslexia therapy.

Both kids have woken up early and are currently on the couch watching Sponge Bob.  Both kids are ready to jump when I say it's time to get this show on the road.  Both have protectively wrapped their arms around themselves as they lay.  Both are not concentrating on the TV but are going through the processes of school in their mind.

What does this mean for Mummy? It means I have to get back into all my bits and bobs too.  It's time to get my work year started too. It's also time to get my diary in place and my time management tools ready.  It's probably time I take a leaf out of Tahlia's book and get my goals and priorities sorted.  A vision board is one thing, but a list of ten intentions is probably a pretty good idea too.

Here is Tahlia's.  Isn't she clever! A couple of spelling errors but you get the idea :) 

I'm off to get the day started! It's time to get these kids back to school. Happy Monday.


  1. They are wonderful goals Tahlia :). Leanne they truly shows her caring and lovely nature. Good luck getting back into your work too and good luck to Mr Gr2 xo

  2. Tahlia's list is so appealing. I love it.

    Best of luck to them both - 'specially Darby. And you, of course.


  3. Writing down your wish list really does help to make things happen. Good luck with the new school year!

  4. Beautiful list. so much insight.


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