Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 490

It was all smiles when I collected the kids from school yesterday arvo. All smiles.  Both kids. Big smiles.  What a relief.

It had me thinking of Darby's first days of school in previous years.  He has always had anxiety and separation issues. It was tough for all concerned.  Preschool was a constant battle.  Kindergarten was soul destroying. Even last year going into year 1 he had a melt down.  But yesterday he was a big boy.  He looked nervous but he put on a brave face and did what he had to do.  He's growing up. 

Tahlia's never had a problem. Oh she gets nervous, but more of the butterfly variety than full on anxiety. She just smiles, holds her head high, and soldiers on through it. I don't remember Tahlia's first day of school.  I honestly don't remember it at all. Not the lead up, not the morning in question, not her reaction, not her classroom. I don't remember any of it!! That's awful. I am wracking my brain to remember but I just can't.  She's a very independent little kid so I am guessing she just waved me away at the door.  I vaguely remember crying, only it was me not her.  I remember that because they laughed at me with my tear stained make-up when I went into work.  So I am guessing my little girl has always been a big girl and just did her first day of school easily. Mind you, I guess she didn't know any different.  She was in day-care from 3 months of age.  Yeah, I was a career mum.  So she never knew what it was like not to be in school in some form.  Maybe that's how she got her resilience.  Or maybe it's just being a girl. Or the first born.  Dunno.

On Friday last week Tahlia had a milestone event.  On Friday I let her ride her bike to the local shops all by herself.  Now, in my day, I used to head to the local at the age of 5 to buy lollies! Hell, I used to walk home from school on my own in kindergarten. But that was then and times have changed. We need to hold on that little bit longer these days.  Anyway, she wanted to make cup-cakes (on her own) but I didn't have the essential ingredient (um .... that would be Betty Crocker cake mix) so she put a backpack on her back, with a mobile phone inside and ten bucks, and she headed to the shop.  The shop isn't that far. Less than a kilometre through suburban streets. But still.  Big event. And one she is very proud of. So am I.

She's growing up very fast.  This is it.  She's not going to be a kid for much longer.  She's 11 turning 16.  This really is going to be a big year for her in so many ways. This year she is a leader at her school.  This year her body will probably start to change and grow. This year more will be expected of her, and she'll expect more in return.  This year it will be an interesting mix of letting her have some independence and keeping her child like for a bit longer.  It's gonna be an interesting year.  Well, in Tahlia's words, it's gonna be the best year yet.

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