Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 491

“Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.” African Proverb

Alright then. Let's get out our oars and "row, row, row your boat ..."

I've talked a bit about Tahlia over the last few days so it's time to give the Darbster a whirl.

Our beautiful, talented and oh so handsome Darby Doo.  Well, let's make that Darby Dude given he's a big boy now.

Darbs is a bit overloaded at the moment.  He's feeling a bit out of sorts, kind of losing control, kind of cranky.  I don't want to say too much because he won't want me talking about it. But I need to talk about it a little bit just to clear my mind and to determine my next steps.

As you know Darby's eyes aren't quite as fit as the rest of his body.  The information in, and information out, aren't marrying up which means his visual is a bit different to our visual.  But I've told you all this already haven't I? Yes, yes. We talked about it here. 

Anyway to try and rectify the situation we've been doing a bit of therapy through the Alison Lawson Centre.  We started it in the school holidays to give him a head start before going into year 2.

So anyway, he's been an absolute trouper and been doing loads of work over the school holidays to help get his eyes nice and fit.  He hasn't complained ... well rarely.  He's been doing a bloody good job and I am very proud of him.  But now that he is back at school and continuing his exercises/therapy at other times during the day he's getting a bit overloaded. Well, wouldn't you?  If I even do one of his eye exercises I feel eye fatigue for minutes afterwards.  Imagine having to do that 20 times a day! As well as re-learning his spelling words from kinder and year one. And then be functional in class as well. Poor kid.  But he hasn't complained.  He's just ploughing ahead with it. His overload and his frustrations seem to be appearing in other ways.  Well, I'm assuming that's what's going on.  He's kind of getting really highly strung and a bit agitated and angry.  It's quite out of character, and it has only started since school has gone back. He's really happy and excited and ready for action one minute, and the next he is falling in a screaming heap with no explanation.  I sit with him, and hold him, and tell him he is loved and he is safe and that everything is going to be ok.  But when I ask him why he is feeling this way he doesn't know. He just says he feels weird and angry in his tummy.

Sigh. He must be feeling so many things regarding his therapy right now.  Anger, hope, jealousy, pride, inequity, special, tired.  Or is it just because he has returned to school and he's a bit overwhelmed by that alone (therapy or no therapy)?  Perhaps a combination. Perhaps none of the above. Maybe it's simply a testosterone surge and I am reading too much into it.

Sigh. It's never straight forward is it?  It seems necessary in life to be regularly challenged.  Anyway, we'll get through it.  He'll get through it.  This morning's formal therapy session marks the half way mark! Now that's something to celebrate ...

I would welcome any feedback others may have with their own dyslexia journeys ...


  1. I don't have any advice on a dyslexic journey but I have just discovered that the students we have with it find it easier to read words printed on blue rather than white paper, not sure if that would help? I think Darby is awesome with all the hard work he is doing and his positive attitude. It sounds like maybe his angry tummy might come from feeling overwhelmed? :(. We have a speedo which I'm happy to take a photo of for you and maybe you could implement? It's for when the emotion makes it hard to express the problem so the speedo tells us what emotion he is feeling so he can have space or help to slow down back to normal speed.

  2. Jen, that would be wonderful!! Yes please to the speedo. We need something to help him manage his emotions right now ...
    PS at first I thought you were referring to swimwear ...
    PPS I have heard of the blue paper thing. Will talk to the guy about that today :)

  3. So is that like an emotional thermometer Jen?

    We don't have dyslexia but other stuff. We use CGT and an emotional toolbox to get through.

  4. Thanks MM. What is CGT? (other than Capital Gains Tax ... LOL)
    I know a little bit about the emotional toolbox stuff. Charts etc with different faces/emotions etc? Perhaps something I should find out more about?

  5. Yep it is like the thermometer MM but a car speedo with slow, just right, fast, crash on it and he was taught through his first social group last year to use it both for behaviours and also for feelings (positive and negative). He will use it brilliantly in social group sessions and at school but at home and during OT he refuses to use it properly, especially when having to acknowledge a crash :(. Great concept though :). I will get it to you this weekend :D

  6. Isn't it something how we can have a thousand or more guesses about what could be going on with our kids?? I'm sorry I don't have any answers for you. Hang in there!

  7. Woops - can you tell I'm doing Wise Woman's tax and probate stuff?

    I meant CBT: cognitive behavioural therapy.


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