Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 492

It's Thursday.  Thursday's are going to be my time to reflect on all things health and fitness.  My time to celebrate good health and be accountable for poor choices.

This week I tried my best to concentrate on mind, body and soul.  Oh, and I started my endeavour to lose those last 5 kgs.

You will recall my review of the book Skinny Bitch. That gave me a kick in the bum and I got all energised and committed.  It was the kick I would usually get with New Year, but for some reason I'm a month late.  Hmmm.  Better late than never ...

It was kinda hard with all my fatigue and stuff, but I did what I could.  And that included kicking this fatigue thing in the bum while I was at it.  How?  Well, I decided to get back to basics with my diet and use some old techniques about food combinations. Plus I got back on the personal development wagon and took my own advice as a mentor/coach.  Why is it that we so often don't take our own advice. Do we actually think we don't need it?  So I'm back on the self growth trail, I'm concentrating on the food I'm shoveling into my gob, and I returned to the gym with an actual weekly program I'm now committed to.  All this and fatigue too! How about that ....  Oh, and with the kids now back at school I also got my work program up and running again, put some new strategies in place for my business, I've been planning for cheerleading with great emphasis on the need for more coaches, managers and more support in general AND I've been banging on my publishers "door" every day to get them moving a bit faster.  (Bingo! As I type this the remainder of the mock-ups are flowing into my in-box. Woo hooooooo. Finally ....)

So, I'd say that this week I've made measurable progress in reasonable time. Yesiree ...... And the best news is, it's not over yet.

Let me share my schedule briefly:

A daily positive energy activator
15 minutes a day of self growth training
An attempt at relaxation exercises (I say attempt because so far I'm kinda failing)
To do lists
Vision board
Daily gratitude and celebration of the day that was

Fitness:  2 gym sessions this week (body combat and boxercise) and will increase to 3 next week
Diet:  Doubled fruit and vegetable intake, took out bread and pasta, took away alcohol.  Have started using some of the basic "Fit for Life" methodologies to try and combat my fatigue through concentrating on food combinations.  Added a fibre supplement to my daily regime.  Vitamins.
Health: Went for an annual check up at the doctor. See below.
Relaxation: scheduling in half an hour a day where I just go splat on the lounge ALONE and recharge.

Baring it! On my blog as usual and admitting to my challenges rather than keeping them locked up.  Talking to people, getting advice, sharing the load.
Cuddling my kids (as usual) but feeling more gratitude as I do.
Spending more time talking to Husband.  Again, sharing the load.

Re the doctor - You'll be pleased to know I've got a bunch of blood tests to get done.  There is no waiver on the fibromyalgia diagnosis just yet though.  Unless the bloods show something enlightening  I'll be living with fibromyalgia for a while longer yet.  Yes, of all the things it could be, this is a good diagnosis.  So while it is really sucky when I am in a relapse, I am grateful it is a condition that can be managed not a disease that could take my life ...

Gotta run. Need to check over these mock ups!  (I am on my knees bowing to my computer right now. Finally!!!)

Wanna join Fat to Fit?  This is the brain child of the lovely Lucy at Diminishing Lucy. Link up here ....

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  1. You sound happy and I totally agree - why do we struggle totake our own advice so often?? xx


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