Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 494

I’m on top of the washing!! Well, not literally. I’m not standing on a mountain of clothes. What I mean is I’ve done it all. Completely. From start to finish. It is all washed and folded and hung and done.  All of it.  Wooo hooooooooooo …….

There were other times I thought I was on top of the washing because the dirty washing baskets were empty, but it was all an illusion. Coz I’d still have clothes hung on the indoor clothes line downstairs, or folded in baskets ready to be put away or even outside on the line.  It was never truly complete.

Today I discovered there is a major disadvantage to having all the washing done. I don’t have enough space in which to store the clean clothes!! Even after all my cleansing and de-hoarding in recent months, there is no space! Oh sure. My half of the closet is looking ok. My draws are pretty good.  My shelves are fairly roomy. Mostly.  But it’s the kids!!! And Derek. No space at all for ALL THEIR CLOTHES!  When we did the last Vinnies run I must have done it while I still had wads of clothes still to be washed and put away.  It was a false sense of comfort.

So I guess it’s time to take some action. Time to do another cleanse.  Time for more good will.

And then I might buy a new dress.

Well, come on. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse, renew. Isn't that what you do?

Dah ….


  1. Hey that is actually not an easy thing to do - washing completely complete! So congrats. I've never achieved it. And I have always wondered if there'd be enough hangers and space if I did.

  2. I'm so envious. I dream of all the washing being done, but it's never happened yet.

  3. Shopping is a necessity of life. After all, life is a cycle:
    sort - remove - shop - buy - wear - wash - sort- remove...

  4. I have clean laundry from last weekend still sitting in baskets in my bedroom. Uggh.


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