Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 495

Well that was bloody short lived.  So much for being on top of the washing .... sigh. Oh well.  I got a day of splendour before the next round began.

We did make some major progress in the cleansing of the clothes department though.  And I did buy myself that new dress.  So the fact that a new washing cycle is already germinating is not the end of the world.

Tahlia's clothes situation was already pretty good once I looked carefully.  Only a week or so ago she'd gone through her stuff and done a big purge which was fantastic.  She's even tidied up her drawers and is using little baskets to separate her undies, socks and tweenie bras.  I'm impressed!

Darbs and I sat down yesterday and really sorted through his stuff. We ended up with a massive bag of clothes and shoes to take to good will, plus a couple of smaller ones to give to his second cousin.  That felt good. Even Darby felt the benefits as he was able to open and close his drawers without having to enter a tug-of-war competition.

So after an hour spent sitting cross legged going through piles of clothes Darbs and I headed to the nearby town centre to pass on his wares (or is that wears?) to others who may not be quite as fortunate as he in the clothing department.  If you are in Australia you will know that all the major good will associations have big clothing bins lined up at major car parks in which you can deposit your clothes.  They are clearly marked with the association name and they are also clearly marked with the fact that these bins are for clothes only and that all items must be placed inside.  Leaving other items on the ground around the bins is considered littering and attracts a hefty on the spot fine.  Unfortunately people still seem to think that the whole "I'm giving you my old clothes and furniture and stuff" factor cancels out the "this is littering" clause.  It used to make me angry when I ventured by to deposit my own clothes, to see the blatant disregard for following instruction. Doesn't anyone remember the "keep Australia beautiful" campaigns of the 70s and 80s?  Ok then, why not just use your common sense instead?

Look, I don't often get on my high horse about local issues.  Any issue I talk about is usually 100% my own, but this has just made me plain sad.  It's wonderful that you have furniture and TVs and bags of clothes so enormous they don't fit into the bin opening in one go, but it's not wonderful that you leave that stuff piled up on the ground around the bins.  I know the bins are sometimes full and overflowing and that is inconvenient.  But littering is also quite inconvenient.  Rubbish is rubbish. I agree. It's not always a straight forward and easy process to recycle your stuff. Many times it takes a few phone calls and a bit of travel.  But when it's done in good faith it's worth it ...

This is the site that welcomed Darby and I yesterday.

Good will or bad form?


  1. That's terrible, Leanne. It's more rubbish than good will from this angle in your photo. I've seen bags of toys and clothes piled neatly around bins but not random cardboard boxes...

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Oh wow. That is bad. We have a little op shop on the way to school, with a big carpark and not enough bins. Bad combination - every Monday I wince in horror at the goodwill littering.

    As a declutterer myself, I really get that once you've done your sorting, you so really do want to get rid of the stuff.

    But I wish people would just think and leave it stashed in the car until a work day, and then take to a central or staffed drop off point, so that this blantant littering doesn't occur.

    The vollies that sort the stuff - imagine having to deal with that every Monday. No fair.

  3. I totally agree about the rubbish. So glad you're passionate about it. My favourite goodwill store no longer has bins, but you have to walk into the shop. Ingenious, I say! But doesn't a clean out feel fabulous?

  4. Same thing happens here in the US...but I would have to say, that I have never seen one as bad as this one....I just discovered our "Military Order of the Purple Heart Association" which is for our wounded veterans..they come and collect items from your house! (they than sell the items to thrift stores and elsewhere and raise money for our veterans)...I was so excited...recently got rid of coats and snow pants and kitchen items and just clothes in general...not sure if you guys have anything like this, but I will certainly be using them again!...

  5. This too pulls at my heart and annoyance threshold as an unfortunate common sight all over Canberra. It costs the companies thousands of dollars to clean up this mess that could otherwise do more good in the community.

  6. holy CRAP! I was thinking a bag or two but that's just ridiculous!
    I used to volunteer at the Salvos and the amount of rubbish people chuck in as 'donations' is awful.

  7. Sigh. It's really playing on my mind. I feel the need to set something up, to write to someone, to try and find a solution to this. A public awareness campaign or something. I don't know what to do. But I will think of something because having this is kinda soul destroying. This is the worst I've ever seen, and to be honest it appears that much of it is from one dumper. Like someone has just moved house and dumped this. It's making me sad ... and a bit useless ... don't like feeling useless ...

  8. That's terrible. I'd definitely be sending that image to the local paper. The worst part is that if you look at the stats from the charities, half of what's dumped there IS trash and they spend thousands of dollars a year sending it to the tip. Who are these people?????


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