Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 496

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Yeah, it's a bunch of sentimental rubbish if you're not being spoiled, but if you are being recognised with roses and champagne then you've got to admit it's kinda nice.

Last night Husband turned a casual Sunday into a full on Valentine celebration.

He'd offered to cook a BBQ for dinner so I did what I always do on a Sunday and hightailed it to the bath.  I took my laptop into the bathroom with me, whacked on a DVD and sat back in the spa to enjoy the solitude.

Door opens and in comes Husband with a glass of champagne. Lovely!!  Door closes.

Door opens, and in comes Husband with a plate of canapes. Wow! Door closes.

Door opens, and in comes Husband with red roses and a card and a "happy Valentines Day Wife". Are you kidding me?  Holy shit! What a surprise. Door closes.

Door opens and in comes Tahlia with a hand made card.  How sweet little Magic girl. Door closes.

Door opens and in comes Darby with another hand made card.  Nice work Dude, thanks.  Door closes.

You do remember I said the word "solitude" up there. But hell, who's gonna complain when the interruptions are so filled with love and romance and food?!  Definitely not me.  And as I sit here with my roses and three red love heart filled cards by my side I'm not thinking it's sentimental rubbish at all.  I'm feeling very stabbed by Cupid right now.

So today's post is gonna fling that arrow right back at my Husband.  I had planned this all along you know ... I thought about it last week ... I had it planned ... it's not just because he did the whole Valentine in the bath thing ... truly ....

Ok, here goes.  Not the world's best poem but the best I could do at dawn:


I love you because you look hot in your necklace and boardies
I love you because you build sand castles with the kids
I love you because you tell me I'm pretty
I love you because you just "is".

I love you when you walk dog poo across freshly mopped floors
I love you when you forget to turn off the light
I love you when the ice trays are empty
I love you when we argue and fight.

I love how you put up with my need for process and order
I love how you work hard to give us money to play
I love how in your world the sun's always shining
I love how you can't stay away.

I love that you think I'm the world's greatest mother. 
I love that you try hard to keep romance alive.
I love that you support my little projects.
I love that you want us to survive.

I love you right now because today is a love day
I love you right now because you're the best
I love you right now as a father and husband
I just love you ... forget the rest.

Oh and kids, your valentine's messages are in your lunch box ...


  1. That is just sooo sweet, especially the messages for the kids in thier lunchboxes.

  2. What a lovely post! I'm still smiling.

  3. Very sweet and cute. Happy Valentine's Day.

  4. Aww Leanne. I am all smiles reading this post... Sorry I am late but Happy Valentine's Day. :-)


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