Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 497

I actually don't feel too much like talking to you today to be honest. I've been awake since 4.00am just lying in bed contemplating life, the universe and everything and none of it seems worthy of a post.

Sure, I could tell you all about our first session back at Cheerleading last night and how fantastic it was and how the strategic planning and new structure is working out fabulously.  But no.  That is soooo yesterday.

I could tell you how much my husband liked the little poem I wrote him, but that my Valentine's roses have already keeled over.  But no. Valentine's has passed.

I could tell you that discovering I had a two hour commitment yesterday that I hadn't factored into my day completely threw me off track and I literally ran from pillar to post as a result. But no. To rerun it would make me tired.

I could tell you that I am starting back at the school today in a relief role which is neither thrilling me nor is it sending me ga ga.  But no.  That's too mundane.

I could tell you that the lovely Johanna and my beautiful illustrator both approved the cover and Foreword of the book so I have pressed the go button on the print run for those pages.  But no.  It seems premature because I have yet to see the total number of mock-ups.

I could tell you that I went back to Body Combat yesterday and enjoyed it so much I incorporated many of the boxing moves in my cheer session with the older kids last night. But no. I would again be talking about cheer and we've already decided that is soooo yesterday.

Oh, I know, I could tell you that I have three active clients right now with whom I am working and I find that very exciting and fabulous and promising.   One in particular has huge possibilities which will start to reveal itself over the next few days. But no.  I just don't have the time nor the permission to go into any detail.

So no.  I won't be talking to you today.  Instead I'll just wave to you nicely from here and hope that perhaps we can have a cuppa and a proper chat tomorrow.  You understand right?

Until then, Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. As I'm about to run out the door I just want to tell you, incase I haven't before that I think you're totally awesomely wonderful! This is the best post about not posting I have ever read :). Yay to all your non news, even the mundanes ;) and you name the time and I'll put on the kettle ;). Havd s great day Leanne :)

  2. I've got tea and toast here if you want to share with me. No chatting involved. Well, not until tomorrow anyway.

    I hope you have a great day and don't wake up before the alarm goes off.

  3. Hmmmm. Tease!

    Waiting, practicing patience. Good things come to those who wait I'm told.

  4. I'm tired just reading this.

    My cuppa needs caffeine.


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