Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 500

It's Competition Time!

Can you see that?
Up there
In the title thingimy
It says Day 500
See that?
5 freakin hundred!!!!

I've done 500 daily posts
Can you believe that?
That means I am 40 years and 500 days old
500 posts!

I have written for 500 days straight


Can you hear me?
Do I need to shout a little louder?

I have 500 Leanne-isms out there on the World Wide Web

I have 500 bits of useless information out of my crazy head and on "paper"

I have 500 daily musings that I have shared with fellow musers

I have 500 self published "articles" floating around this great big world of ours

I have 500 days under my belt where I have indulged in my passion for writing

I have 500 days where I had another reason to jump out of bed with purpose

I have 500 extra wonderful reasons to celebrate.


What a lovely number


I can't quite believe it myself.

So what does one do when they've hit the big  5   0   0  ?

They run a competition of course.

I just want to celebrate so what better way than to give you a gift.
And my gift of choice today on my 500th day is a lovely little "home office start up" bundle.

In it you will find some lovely fancy manilla board folders
with a matching weekly planner
matching note book
and a paper clip cup
all tied together with a silver ribbon.

So get your typing fingers ready kids and head over to my place for a party. All you need to do to enter is officially Follow Me (button over on the right somewhere). Send me an email or leave a comment telling me what is making you go "woot woot" today. Just tell me what is bringing you joy that is perhaps worthy of a little celebration. The competition is open until midnight next Thursday 24 February. I will then draw a name from a hat and announce the winner next Friday (when it will be Day 507 ... sigh ... where does the time go?)

Oh, unfortunately this competition is only open to those living in Australia.  I am so very sorry.
The bundle weighs a bit and the cost of posting it overseas is a little out of my budget this month.  I know, I know, I suck. Will try harder next time.  Perhaps on Day 555.

If you're looking for Flog Yo Blog Friday, it's over at Where's My Glow today.  


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! have not missed a day & have enjoyed every post. Am actually feeling a little lazy now that I think about it....imagine what I could have done with my life if I had committed to something for 500 days in a row!! Ok, now I'm inspired! Might just start my journey today...will get back to you in 2012 and let you know how it went. :-) Happy for you, my friend. Keep up the great work. And you don't look a day over 425!

  2. Well, I was going to tell you that my day today is making my family and I go we are enjoying a gorgeous "spring" day in the middle of February.....we are currently up in Waterville Valley NH...the boys just took a snowboard lesson..while dad and I sat in the bar enjoying time to ourselves (embelishing in a few drinks)...and that makes me go woot-woot!...I'm hapyy, dad is happy and kids are most definatly happy!..But I don't live in the land of Oz, so I won't tell you this...congrats on your 500th day...I haven't missed a beat either...and it makes me feel soo much closer to you, so you cannot stop!

  3. Congratulations on posting 500 posts. Every day. Wow. I think the gift should go to you!!! But seeing you're planning on passing on the love... the thing that makes me go Woot Woot is the fact that tonight I have seven of my foodie friends coming over for Food Club. (Yes you read right, not Book Club). We eat. We bring food and we eat. Yes. Certainly enough to be going Woot Woot! And eating minimally for most of the day. xx

  4. WOW! Aren't you just awesome.... 500. Woot! Woot!

  5. Huge congratulations on 500 - days in a row ?
    What better way to celebrate = )
    I am in awe of you.
    My woot woot is my husband is home this weekend and we can celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary (was 10/2)& Valentine's day properly .He was 300kms away from 11th - 13th , then again 15th - 17th. Busy beaver in between.

    Ps I just read Kymmie's food club - now I think that should my new hobby.

  6. Congratulations on making it to 500! That's an amazing feat for sure.

    My family is going Woot Woot for the simple fact that it's friday and we have a whole weekend ahead of us with no set plans. We are thinking that maybe we might just veg out on the couch with some movies...

  7. Congratulations on writing 500 posts in 500 days! An awesome feat.

    Today what made me go WOOT WOOT is that we now have lock up at our house as the garage door finally went in. Lots more renovations to go.

  8. 500? That is so impressive! There is no way I'd be able to post daily.

    My Woot Woot moment today is definitely hosting FlogYoBlog Friday at Where's My Glow? and having so many awesome bloggers link up.

    Thanks for adding the link to your post too!

  9. 500??!!!! You are amazing!
    Thanks for linking and love your pretty things. :)

  10. 500 days in a row is such an enormous achievement - well done you! Massive hugs - you are absolutely inspiring. xx

  11. Congratulations on day 500 Leanne :D..heres to 500 more! :D . I often think of how inspiring you are that you can get up and write daily and it be so delicious to read and nearly always (except for the sad stuff that is, I'm not too morbid :p) puts a smile on my face :) . What put a smile on my face yesterday? hmm....going to Costco with my littlest one and my hubby. First excursion out just the three of us EVER! Also standing around talking to some new Prep Mums at drop off in the morning. It took forever for me to find people I could talk to when K started school and it feels so wonderful to be able to just walk up and start talking to Mums I know through childcare and make new friends through them without the new parent anxst that they are feeling. I'm loving being a Prep mum the second time around ;)

  12. I am so Tweeting this.

    Well done Leanne. You inspire me daily. Bloody well done.

    I love all 500 posts.


  13. Congratulations! I'm very impressed with all 500 daily posts. Hell, I was impressed when you were only going to do 365 days worth.

    I have had a few WOOT Moments lately:

    Boy Child started High School and is doing well,

    We got a new bunny from the RSPCA and she has bonded with our boy bunny (both desexed) in only 2 days!

    Girl Child has gotten ready for school for school on time every day so far this term.

    And finally I'm going to colour my hair and then get my head shaved to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

  14. Congrats on the big 5.0.0.
    I'm a newish follower so admittedly have not read all 500 of your posts, but the humourous musings I have read to date have always bought a smile to my face and made me laugh outloud at inappropriate moments (like at work on my lunch break!)


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