Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 501

Today I am grateful for money, time, and block-out curtains.  Oh, and I'm also grateful for pretty things.

Every day my Darby asks "is it hot today or cold today?"  Sounds like an odd question for a 7 year old to ask. But it's the same question every day.  He started asking it towards the end of winter last year to help determine what to wear.  He hasn't stopped asking. I guess that is ok because the weather is quite unpredictable these days - a whopping steamy 35 degrees one day and a cooler balmy 22 degrees the next. So the question is well founded.

Anyway, this morning I got a sleep in. A huge sleep in. Not my normal Saturday 7.30am sleep in, but a great big 9.30 sleep in.  All because of my new block-out curtains.  Yay!  And the kids actually didn't disturb me which was amazing. When I woke, I found a note slipped under my bedroom door. It was from Darby.

This note is great cause for celebration.  This is such a huge step forward for my little boy.  This note signifies an increase in confidence.  He has always hated having to write.  He would never volunteer to write a note.  It wouldn't have occurred to him in the past to write something down. He had enough confidence this morning to do this. On his own.  No one to ask for help. It proves that his therapy is working.  It shows that all the time and money we are investing in his dyslexia therapy is worth it.  This note is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

I am grateful that we have the means - both in time and money - to invest in getting Darby's eyes as fit as the rest of his body.

And I am grateful for finding lovely new block-out curtains to dress the French doors in our bedroom on sale for only $145.

Oh, and while I'm being all lovely and grateful and stuff I might as well throw in another one. I am grateful to be surrounded by the beauty of our world both natural and man-made.  You want to see some pretty things? Go and visit Thea every Saturday as she posts the pretty in her life.

And if you want to win some pretty things check out my 500th celebration post of yesterday and enter the draw to win this very pretty home office bundle.

Home office start up bundle

And last but not least, if you want a whole WORLD of gratitude then head on over to Maxabella Loves as she hooks up all those folks who are living their life in the attitude of gratitude.


  1. YAY for Darby! I was really excited to see his note, what a little champ! and YAY for the experts who are helping him too.

  2. How gorgeous is Darby? What a little champ.

    Darby was always the name I was going to call my little boy, but ended up with two girl.

  3. Oh Darby, you are a little go-er. Well done, sweet boy.

    Great post!! x

  4. Aww, your little man is such a sweetheart! xx

  5. GO Darby! That is so incredibly wonderful :) well done little guy :) . (I'm thinking I need to get me some block out blinds...FOR THE WHOLE HOUSE!) our wake up each and every day happens anytime from 6.30-7 *sigh*

  6. What a wonderful note..I love his questions each day..what a little organised one!

  7. I am working my way backwards through all yur posts I have not read this week. I have missed my daily visist Leanne, and what a lot I have missed!



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