Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 502

There are a few people wandering about with green thumbs, and fingers. They seem to have entirely green hands in fact.  Arms even.  Aliens ....

I do not have green fingers or thumbs.  I have one plant that has survived 20 years of living with Leanne and it continues to grow. It is a Devil's Ivy. It grows and grows and grows. And then I cut bits off it and put the off cut in water to grow new roots, replant and let the offspring grow some more.   I'm not sure what that says about me ... being able to grow the Devil in abundance.  But I can tell you it doesn't mean I am very green ... I think perhaps I am red. Pure demon.

Husband can grow stuff.  He's not a complete wizz at it, he is new to the gardening game, but he can actually grow things. His thumb is green, mostly. He too has an indoor plant that has stood the test of time.  His is about the same age as my Devil.  His plant is a potted palm and her name is Suzie.  Yeah, she's special to him.

For the last five years or so Husband has had a little vegetable patch.  He's been experimenting with tomatoes and zucchini and capsicum and chili and cucumber and lettuce.  He is very clever at growing tomatoes and zucchini.  He has them mastered.  The lettuce has never worked, but he continues to give it a go.  

Usually the whole cucumber thing goes really well, but this year the cucumber plant has completely taken over the garden without producing a single thing. It has been a very head and butt scratching time for my Derek as he looks out at the garden and ponders the lack of Cucumis sativus. He has declared it the Day of the Triffids out there. A mangy mess of plants gone wild taking over the entire back yard without producing a drop.  So of course he turned to Professor Google for some advice.

My cucumber plant has gone absolutely wild!

It turns out that cucumbers can be male or female and you need both to create the vegetable.  Usually this will occur naturally through the insects carrying a bit of this and a bit of that around the place, but if there is low insect activity due to odd weather than the lady cucumbers "ovaries" don't get pollinated and no cucumbers will develop!

Isn't that interesting!   So we're on the hunt for a strapping big boy cucumber to visit and help pollinate our lady.  

If you want to check out how gardening is supposed to work pop on over to Diminishing Lucy today as she shows us that there is plenty of pollination going on in her yard, and ditto over at A Day in the Life of Us.


  1. Who knew that cucumbers were so complicated?!

  2. The first year we grew cucumbers, we overplanted and ended up with so many we couldn't even give the damn things away.
    The second year we got none.
    They're tricky critters.


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