Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 503

Hair is quite an important feature.  It's one of those things that helps define us.  It's a standard descriptor.  Blonde, brown, dark, light, red, grey, long, short, spiky, curly ...

Most people don't choose to go bald.  Even though bald is fashionable for men these days, a man with a full head of hair probably wouldn't choose baldness. Unless of course his hair is hard work. And he's hot and manly and he's got lovely dark skin. Then he might choose baldness. But Mr Whitey over there with the sunburned head probably wouldn't choose it unless he was already balding. Probably ... (Yo ... Vin Diesel ... were you already balding? Receding .... definitely receding .... )

Just a little bit good looking

As a woman I wouldn't choose baldness.  My hair is so much a part of who I am. My femininity.  I don't cope well with a bad hair day.  Yes, vain, very vain. But I've watched many women around me go bald.  Not by choice but my necessity.  To fight a disease that is ravishing their body. And then, when they are bald because of this fight, baldness signifies hope.  Baldness shows bravery.  Baldness is real kick arse stuff. It's beautiful. My Mum went bald.  Friends with breast cancer went bald.  I would go bald if it meant giving me a chance at life. But I think I would find it traumatic.

We are coming up to the World's Greatest Shave.  Where people without cancer shave their heads in support of those fighting the disease.  It's a Leukaemia Foundation initiative. The money raised helps to fund services to support families living with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. Fundraising also funds blood cancer research to find better treatments and cures.  As the child of a Leukaemia survivor I for one think this is a great cause.  I support many many MANY causes but Leukaemia research is definitely up there as my top choice as it was new research that saved my Mum. She was initially only given weeks to live.  After loads of chemotherapy they tested her for a donor bone marrow transplant but we couldn't get a donor. So they went for new research/methodologies via Autologous bone marrow transplantation.  After one particular round of chemotherapy which saw her go into remission, they took out her own currently Leukaemia free bone marrow, mixed it with a bit of water, stored it, then gave her intense chemotherapy to kill off what was left of the disease, and then gave her back her own bone marrow.  She is still alive 25 years later.  I'd say that's worthy of a bit of Woot Woot.  It's also worthy of supporting this cause ....

I wish I could tell you that I am off to shave my head.  But I'm not.  I'm not quite "there" yet.  But I am here to support those who are.  I have a friend in my area who is shaving off her beautiful long hair in March.  To my knowledge no one in her immediate family is suffering this disease. She is simply stepping up in support of her wider community.  And I've gotta tell you, her life isn't smooth sailing. She already has her own challenges going on with a special needs child, but she's still stepping up to join others fight their fight. I think that is tremendous.  I personally think this woman is quite heroic. This woman with long long hair is going to go bald.  She is choosing it! I have sponsored her of course.  I wish I could sponsor her $50,000. But I can't. I sponsored her as much as I could this month.  If you would like to contribute to the Leukaemia Foundation feel free to sponsor Alisha Fraser.

 Alisha isn't the only one doing the big shave.  One of your fellow bloggers is also going on board.  She too plans to shave it all off. You can check her out at Whining at the World. She hasn't signed up yet ... but she plans too (no pressure though E) ....

As you brush your hair today, and look critically in the mirror at your "do", have a little think about those who currently don't have hair.  Have a little think about those who are fighting the big fight, and the Alisha's of the world who are supporting those in the ring.  No bad hair days today ... only grateful hair days.

I'm so grateful I've got hair, I'm so grateful I've got hair ....

I'm also grateful for this world full of Alisha's ... 

Don't forget about my little give-away going on at Day 500.  So much to go Woot Woot about.


  1. you have definitely made me feel grateful today...Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the mention. I have now signed up and am planning on dying my hair tomorrow or Wednesday before shaving it off in about 3 weeks time. Feel free to drop by Whining ( for photos and updates. And if you want to sponsor me, that would be great too!



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