Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 504

Today is Tuesday which for me means it is the day I am an author.  Oh sure, I'm still a wife and mother too, but my extra attention, my focus, my activities for the day, all centre on Leanne the author. Yep, I've gone back to compartmentalising my life.  My hats are now sitting neatly back on their hat stand and each day I choose one and wear it (instead of trying to wear all of them all at once). Yesterday I was a cheer coach and today I am an author. It's so nice to finally pick my pile of hats off the floor and put them away neatly. So nice to have order in my life again.

That means today I will be doing all things children's books.  As book number one sits in a New York office waiting for its very first print run, book number two sits with an illustrator as sketches are done.  The sketches have started to come through for me to approve, so today is the day I really look at the artwork and ensure I am happy with the way my book is being brought to life.  Today is also the day I finalise my letter of agreement with the illustrator and tidy up a few of the official bits and bobs.

Yep, today I am an author.  Tomorrow ... tomorrow I will be a business owner doing all things coachy and mentory at Achieve Beyond ... but today I am an author.

Who are you today?

What hat will you be wearing?

Share your Tuesday focus ....


  1. Congrats again, so cool!

    I am a mom, listening to my son over the monitor NOT taking his nap.

  2. This is a brilliant plan. Today I am a student pursuing with integrity my future plans. Today I am going to get the required forms and applications from the university and today, I will study them and fill them up. Today, I will understand what and how I need to understand for preparing for the entrance


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