Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 505

There were four in the bed and the mummy said,
roll over, roll over
No one rolled over so mummy got out.

Thank goodness we've got a king size bed.

Darby is out of sorts.  He just needs a few extra cuddles of late.  Just to know it is going to be ok, That his therapy will help him keep up at school and that all the extra work and eye strain is worth it.  And that Mother Nature isn't as awful as she makes out and that cyclones, bush fire, flood and earthquakes won't reach him.  I wish I could make all the promises he needs to hear, but how can you promise that he will overcome his dyslexia, and that he is safe from those disasters which our totally out of our control? There is a lot going on his little world. Both inner and outer.

I can't promise those things. All I can do is cuddle him and say that right now "you are safe and you are loved".  And then I just tell him that his therapy is already helping him and that every day his eyes get better and better.  And that Mummy and Daddy chose a place to live that is not near a river, not next to the ocean, not next to bushland and forest, and is not on a fault line.  So hopefully we have done all we can to stay safe from natures challenges.  Hopefully ...

And in the meantime if he comes into our room of a night time we're just going with it.  We leave a gap for him in the middle and let him climb in.

Tahlia doesn't have the same worries.  Her biggest worry is how to do her hair each day, whether or not she'll ever master a front handspring and if today will be a maths day (because she really doesn't care for maths).  But it seems she still needs her cuddles.  She awoke at 5.00am and wandered in further putting a wedge between Derek and I.

We were four in the bed. All cuddled up.

To be honest, I hope my kids climb into my bed forever.  It's a beautiful way to keep those bonds.  It's a lovely way to wake up.  Even when you do only have a sliver of the bed and your back aches as a result.  It's kinda special .... mostly .... sorta ....

Today I am grateful that my house is standing, that all members of my family are safe and that my kids still want to climb into my bed.  My heart goes out to those in Christchurch right now as they battle this very big challenge ...

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  1. I hope Darby starts to feel better soon. Can he see how much progress he is making by doing his exercises etc?

    There is something nice about the cuddles in bed. Regardless of how squishy it gets.

    BTW I went blonde yesterday and multicoloured today. I think if I can go blonde you can too! :)


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