Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 506

Hello Thursday! The day where I am accountable for my health choices over the past 7 days.  It's good writing this crap down you know, because you really do think twice about things when you know you have to record it for the world to see. Who am I kidding ... the whole world isn't reading my blog ... but they could be ... and that's a shit load of accountability.

So anyway, how'd we do this week in the whole mind, body, soul department?

Well, before I start, can I just say NEVER go grocery shopping when you're hungry. I did my groceries after boxercise on Tuesday and I came home with a very big iced apple and custard log from Bakers Delight. It was for Darbs of course - not for me - but I have had to sample it to make sure it's edible and all. Daily. To be sure it's still fresh. I also ended up with a cupboard full of snacks and a whole load of Betty Crocker to bake.  But on the plus side I also came home with loads of fruit and vegetables and some new ideas for dinners.  Pluses and minuses.

Alrighty, here we go.

Reading - still reading that book on the power of women
Some on line success training with John Maxwell on You Tube
Compartmentalising my roles again ... sorting out my different hats.
Visualisation - seeing, feeling and hearing my goals in completion. So real.



Thursday boxercise: huge effort. Absolutely beat the crap out of someone. 
Saturday walk: with kids and dog
Monday cheer training: I did quite a bit of strength and cardio with the kids. I don't know about them, but I was sweating.
Tuesday boxercise: More beating someone up
Wednesday RPM:; Holy crap! I thought I was going to pass out ... 

Big emphasis on fruit until midday
Salads for lunch - all sorts of yummy combinations
Sultanas and cashews for snacks and Forme fat free yoghurt
No bread - well, except for that log from Bakers Delight
Minimal pasta or rice
No alcohol during the week and Cosmos on the weekend (hey, does the great nutritional value of cranberry juice cancel out the vodka? I'm thinking it does ...)
Continued with fibre supplement.  
Still forgetting those vitamins.

Assuming blood results are good. No phone calls to say otherwise.
Unfortunately the migraines are becoming more regular.  Seem to be referred from my neck, shoulders and back. Must start some daily stretching to try and reduce that.

Had a massage on Sunday
Spent at least an hour a day by myself either reading or watching TV.

No weight loss this week.  Those last 5kg are the hardest to lose!!!

Watching the birds in the back yard sing for their supper
Watching our "pet" possum bring her baby down for us to see
Watching my boy's confidence rise through his dyslexia therapy
Watching Tahlia as she interacts with her friends
Reaching 500 posts and celebrating it competition style
Being able to share my mum as she encourages others through the leukaemia fight
Being able to do various random acts of kindness
Spending time catching up with friends (even if only on the phone or via email)
Getting a bunch of new very flattering testimonials in from clients past and present
Daily celebration

So that's my week.   How was yours?

Oh, before I sign off, last chance to enter the drawer for the home office starter kit.  Just let me know (via email or comment) what's making you go Woot Woot today.  For Australian residents only (due to postage costs).  Check out the competition details here

Feel free to hang out with these folks today as they document their weight loss journeys, thanks to Lucy at Diminishing Lucy.


  1. congrats on over 500 posts! Well done!!

  2. Ditch the Forme.

    I am envious of the boxercise. I love me a bit of boxing...



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