Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 508

Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.
I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty,
believe in them and try to follow them.
- Louisa May Alcott, 1832-1888 - 

Ahhhh, it's Saturday.  I love Saturday. I am very grateful for Saturday. Saturday brings with it so many options.  Some people would no doubt be involved in sport, others shopping, other perhaps working, others exercising, playing, watching TV, recovering from Friday night, eating brunch, preparing for guests, travelling ....

Endless opportunity.

Derek and I are about to take a road trip to Sydney to participate in an extended family celebration, Darby is excited to be heading off to his cousin's house for a weekend of boy play, and Tahlia is absolutely beside herself with joy (and nerves) to be attending a one day drama workshop. I am very grateful to have the means in which to get her there.  

It is Tahlia's dream to (and I quote) "become an actress, work in a veterinary clinic, be a dolphin trainer and help save the wales." Not sure if it is in that order. But that's what she wants to do when she grows up.

Yes, my daughter is preparing herself for a life of show business.  She is definitely into the arts.  All singing, all dancing, all creation and stage presence.  But not really all sparkles and flash lights.  She's not precocious about it. She's not in your face confident and self promoting. She goes about it quietly (if that makes sense). But she's keen. And she's driven. And she's quietly hopeful.  So today she packed her little satchel with a brand new note book and a set of Smiggle pens, she took a packed lunch and a drink bottle, dressed comfortably in leggings and a T-shirt with her hair in a pony tail and set off with a couple of friends to attend a local Academy drama workshop.  I make it sound like she headed off on her own. Not quite. But she did actually go to the bank and withdraw enough money to pay for half the tuition fee.  That's commitment! But of course I did the rest.

So I just dropped off three little 11 year olds to a workshop of around 20 people of varying ages. All three of them were biting their nails.  All three of them were all bug eyed and anxious.  All three of them were battling their butterflies. But all three of them were extremely excited and very expectant.

I think it's going to be a day of great growth for all of them ...

They will all climb a little hill today and by this evening they'll no doubt be sitting on top admiring the view. Each of them one tiny step closer to their goals ....

Now doesn't that just make you want to get out there and get one step closer to yours?


  1. Oh bless their hearts & dreams!! I guess nowadays you could be a television vet who does movies in your spare time & use that fame to create awareness about whales & dolphins!! Anything is possible. Enjoy Sydney, my home town, i'm heading up in 4 weeks, yippee!! I have to take my 4 children with me, hopefully having a weekend with my husband - he lives in Brisbane, but might fly down to meet us?? Yippee, my complicated life. My 11y.o. is really into cooking right now, her high school cookery teacher is a real French chef, accent & all, making divine recipes. Love Posie

  2. HOw lovely to meet you Posie. Thanks for stopping by! Am sitting on my hotel room balcony on Crown Street Surry Hills right now, enjoying the Sydney sunshine. Hope you get your husband/wife retreat soon ... and enjoy the French cuisine ...

  3. Oh it does! Do you remember all the things you wanted to be when you grew up? I'm mostly just glad I grew up and got over many of them but some... some... x

  4. Even if she doesn't end up as an actress this event will be great for her confidence and her skills and will never be wasted. You are a great mum for encouraging her to dream and to take another step!


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