Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 509

I absolutely love wind farms.

I am totally mesmerised by the turbines.

The elegance of each slow yet powerful turn.

The enormity of their size.

The sheer beauty of their structure.

The absolute pride in their purpose.

Driving down the Hume Highway yesterday on a slight detour to Sydney I almost went into a meditative state as we drove towards these truly majestic works of art.  I am really drawn to them.  They suck me in.  I feel the need to drive back there and just sit and watch.

The attraction is almost spiritual ...

So pretty.

I didn't take a photo. I wish I had.  I have gone on line and had to borrow this one from Kate's Photo Diary on Flickr. I hope she doesn't mind.  Whoever she is. Thank you Kate! You can click here to see more ....

Wander on over to Thea's place and check out her pretty things at Do I Really Wanna Blog?


  1. Oh how wonderful. I love it when things like that draw you in. I don't think I've seen any in real life. I can understand how they would be mesmorizing. :)

  2. I love them too, can't say why -- I just think they're beautiful.

  3. Isn't that funny. I get so excited at seeing them too. They are one of the highlights of the roadtrip to Sydney for me.

    There is also a windfarm on road from Adelaide to the ferry to Kangaroo Island.

    They are almost sci-fi in their huge silent power.


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