Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 512

I have a confession to make.

Please don't tell anyone ...

It's kind of a secret ...

Are you ready for it?


Here goes

Sometimes I get dressed up just to stay at home.


I'm serious.

I'm not talking taffeta dresses and matching satin covered shoes here, but I do often get into office gear just to sit at my own kitchen bench and do the home office thing.

Take yesterday for example. That migraine of mine (the one I dived right into) had me feeling pretty shabby yesterday morning.  So shabby in fact that I cancelled my trip to visit a new baby and I completely avoided the gym.  I was set for a day of nurturing my inner victim.

But then I decided that I really had quite a bit I needed to do.  That business wouldn't take care of itself. So I showered, washed my hair and got dressed like I was off to the office. Instead of lying about the house feeling sorry for myself (which was the original plan) I played dress ups where I was the CEO of my own company and I sat down and powered through my day.

It actually worked.  Getting all dressed up. It changed my mindset from one of a daggy tracksuit slob-athon to one of professional  powerhouse.  Despite the headache (or possibly because of it) I was able to sit at my "desk" and achieve hours worth of client work.  Hours worth! Quality stuff ...

It's not the first time.  I do it often.  I'm just not one of these people that can be the business owner if I'm sitting at my desk in my pyjamas.  If I'm going to BE the business owner I've got to BE the business owner ... not the kinda-sorta business owner ... I've got to BE THE business owner.

It's all based on the be, do, have principle - not the do, have, be - but the be, do, have.

You with me?

Of course you're with me.

For most of us we believe that if we DO the work, we'll HAVE the results and then BEcome the person we hope to be (whether it be the author, CEO, mother-of-the year, cake baker extraordinaire ...).

But really if you want the results you've got to BE the person first.  Get in the mindset. Already know that is who you are.

Makes sense doesn't it?


So yesterday I was BEing the CEO of a highly successful business.  I was very important.  Very authoritative.  Very clever.  So very CEO.

To be perfectly blunt I was the bomb!

I was Donald Trump in a stilettos .... but with better hair ...

So yeah, I play dress ups.

But don't tell anyone.

It's a secret.

My little secret ...

Who are you going to BE today?


  1. I'm gonna be the really sick one holding it together for the other 3 sick people in our home.

    Can you believe I am about to call for a bulk GP appointment for all four of us? Crazy. But necessary.

  2. Thanks for visiting Leanne! Great post... it's so true. It's like how flylady (cleaning freak!) say you need to be dressed down to lace up shoes each day to start properly... I had a very lazy day today, so I can't talk, but well done to you!!



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