Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 513

You've got the anti-Leanne today. Meet her feral sister .... Leanderthol. 

Triplets.  Leanderthol is old and grumpy and a down right cow.  As opposed to Leanimal who likes to party.  Leanne is real. Leanimal is fun. Leanderthol is a bitch.

I don't feel like being fit and healthy today.  I've gone on strike. I'm taking my bat and I'm going home ...

No real reason other than I just don't wanna do the fit and fabulous thing. This week.  The fit and fabulous  thing is eluding me. It's hiding from me. It's decided it doesn't want to be friends with me anymore.

I've put on 2kg in weight in a week.  Stupid scales.  Didn't I throw them away?

I hurt all over. And not in a good "I've been to the gym" kinda way, but in a "I'm so old and creaky and full of toxins" kinda way.

I've been boring myself stupid with fruit and crisp breads and Lean Cuisine.

And I've just plain got the shits about it all.

I think my body is kicking up a stink about the gym activities I've chosen (namely boxing) and I've had neck and shoulder pain, referred pain in the arms, hands and back, and migraine as a result (yeah, dive rolls don't help).  My body has seized up completely. Stiff and inflexible.  I have my physio appointment this morning. Yes, I'm expecting miracles.

As for the weight gain and food thing, I actually did better when I wasn't trying so hard! What's up with that?  I never actually thought about food before (not being a foody and all), and now I am which is stuffing everything up. Clearly I am spending too much energy trying to conjure up my inner Skinny Bitch ....

So I've woken up old and stiff and in pain and with a severe case of the shits.

I've woken up as Leanderthol.

Right then. Now that I've aired that dirty pair of Nanna knickers lets get on with the show.  No point sitting here giving everyone else the shits around me.  One shitty 40 (ish) year old is enough. Shall we put a smile on our faces and move forwards with our day? Shall I invite Leanne back?

Go on. Smile with me. A nice big one. The biggest you've got. Smile. And keep smiling.  Are those endorphins being released yet?

Nah. Mine either.

It was worth a try.

Hey, if you're actually wanting to be fit and fabulous today then go for it. Don't listen to Leanderthol.  She's a dippy downer ....

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  1. I hope you feel better soon so Leanimal can come out to play!

  2. Same. Same. Having a shocker myself.

  3. I have had a week off exercise and have dropped (hopefully) a kilo. I need to wait for weigh in this afternoon. This morning I have lost 900g since last week, and cm too. Bring back the party animal!

  4. I'm trying to be good so clearly I'm doing poorly. (I'm in a wedding in August.) My head is pounding and the children are screaming.

    But thanks for your comment on my blog! I'll be sure to pass on any relevant health information and will be looking behind me to see if you are stalking me!

  5. It happens. You're such a healthy fit person in general, maybe allowing yourself to relax & focus on the parts that are working & feeling well (even if that might only be that your eyelids are still blinking & your toe nails are the only pain-free part of you). It was nice to meet you Leanderthol, can Leanimal come out and play now?

  6. I'm gettint to this late but I hope the physio helped.


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