Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 515

Maxwell TP the First - photo taken in January 2011

Today is the day we update on "Max the hip gyrating Lab".

Maxwell TP the First has been with us now for almost 11 years.  We got him around Tahlia's first birthday. As you know he's a big blonde Labrador of the Mardi Gras persuasion.  I refer to him as Max the hip gyrating Lab because he's spent much of his life not being able to control his hip pumping around other male dogs.  He's a flaming fag and very happy to show that to the world.  I have also been known to call him Max Factor (on account he is always showing us his lipstick), Maxamillion, Maximus, Maximum Impact, Maxicon .... whatever pops into my head really.

Well Max hasn't been hip gyrating at all for the last year or so.  I guess he is in his 70s.  Without Viagra it's got to slow down eventually.  He and his boyfriend Binnie are just happy to hang out with each other and cuddle rather than take to the bedroom.

Max has seemed a little down. A bit depressed.  Due to lack of sex? Perhaps just old.  Anyway, we took him to the vet for his annual check up and it seems the poor guy might have arthritis.  The hip gyrating was probably too painful.  I'd noticed he was taking longer than normal to stand up these days, but there were no obvious signs of pain. Poor man.  He's now had a course of injections to assist with that and he's been as happy as Larry.  Actually, happier. He's been as happy as Max ... He's been running and jumping and playing and smiling.  Yay for Max!

But that happiness was short lived. This week we did something awful. At the vet check up they checked some of the fatty cysts he's been prone to and it seems that their positioning, as well as a bad sample, meant some had to be removed.  The one of particular note was on/near his thyroid and there was one under his "arm" which if it got any bigger might actually dislocate that leg/shoulder.  So we agreed to have them removed.  That was on Thursday.

I got the phone call to say that it all went well and that the iffy cyst at the thyroid wasn't iffy at all ... it wasn't a tumor.  But when I went to pick him up I wasn't prepared for what I saw.  I'm not sure what I was expecting but poor Max was one big zipper.  He has a cut and stitches around 30 cms long down one side and the patch under his neck just looks like his throat has been ripped out.  Both areas have been shaved to the skin and have drains hanging out. Both areas have dried blood. I almost fainted.  As we left the surgery with our very jaded looking dog I am sure the other "patients" thought he'd been run over by a truck.  He's an absolute mess.

Today is Saturday and he's still not talking to us.  We get a very low key tail wag occasionally, but for the most part he is just glaring at us.

Poor Max.  I'm writing this because I just want to say "I'm sorry".

Don't worry mate, it'll all feel better soon ...


  1. Nawww, poor Max. Big fluffy hugs to you xx

  2. Oh poor doggy, they are such a special part of families, I miss my dog. I love your blog and found you through Glowless. Love for you to come and say hi sometime

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