Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 518

My hat? My hat? Where the hell's my hat?

I'm looking for my hat.

It's my business hat today.  Today I am a business woman but I can't find my hat.  I'm torn between being the business owner and the mother to a sick kid.

Darby is still unwell.  He's doing ok, he's just very much in the recovery phase of a horrid virus.  His little body has been through the wringer big time. He hasn't eaten in 36 hours and we're now on electrolyte ice blocks to try and get some energy back in that little body of his.  He's sleeping a lot.  But he's ok. He'll be ok. He's definitely on the mend ...

But today I need to put my business hat on and be CEO of my own company but my hat seems to have disappeared.  Someone has hidden it.  Perhaps the Mummy in me?  She's a sly bitch ...

I've got a client this morning that has asked me to run a short workshop for her staff.  We're on the cusp of having her business turn from self-employed service level to true "business" level earning passive income and this workshop is a think tank style session to get her employees on the same strategic and very innovative path.  Husband has meetings all morning and his corporate environment doesn't allow for a kid on a pillow to be lying in the corner.  The reason I decided to do this work from home thing is so that I had balance. So that I could be there for my kids.  So that I could contribute to the family finances while still be available as a mother.  But I am in a dilemma because my own business is on the cusp of greatness and today's workshop is a great opportunity.

What to do? What to do?

It would help if I could find my bloody hat.

Perhaps I'll let my client decide.  I'll call her and let her know what is going on. I'll communicate.  Now there's a novel idea.  The workshop is only for two hours and it is in a comfortable and homey setting.  Her business is actually centred on kids.  So I assume she is kid friendly. Perhaps I can wear my Mummy hat and my business hat today.

Oh look, I just found my hat.  It was over in the corner behind the pile of freshly washed sheets and towels.  I really must start using that hat rack ...

How's your hat rack looking? 

An after thought:  Today is International Women's Day and I consider that now as I look at balancing parenting with work, trying to give priority to my business and the ability to wear just one hat.  Although my husband offered to stay home today, he couldn't because of an important meeting. That's important - I get it - because he brings in the bulk of the money.  But getting my business off the ground and caring for my sick child are both important too.  It's an ongoing dilemma which may or may not have a concrete answer. As a result Husband called my Mum to come across and care for Darby as he really was too weak to leave the house.  My scenario today is an interesting one - on International Womens Day.  There's a bloody good read on similar issues over at Mia Freedman's Mamamia ....

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  1. Communication is the key. Hope your client was understanding and your little one feels better soon x


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