Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 520

This is not a fat to fit post.  It's not even a fit and fabulous post.  It's a pity party post.

We're alive.

I think.


We seem to be alive.

Can I just say that was HORRENDOUS!!! Seriously horrendous.  The closest to hell I've ever been.

As you know Darbs had a virus the other night/day.  It was a bad one and wreaked havoc on his little body.  Well it turns out I'd seen nothing yet.  It seems our Darby was the strongest out of the lot of us.  His purging only lasted six hours and the rest was recovery.

On Tuesday night Tahlia started at 10.30pm, and five minutes later I started.  Holy crap.  Trying to rub your daughter's back and whisper encouragement is kinda hard when you're in the same boat.  I sent Derek and Darby down the other end of the house so they could sleep (didn't want to infect and reinfect) while Tahlia and I shared a tiny piece of middle of the night hell.  By 7.00am I decided I couldn't do this on my own anymore, we were still going and I needed someone to rub my back for a bit.  Someone to give me encouragement that my daughter and I weren't actually dying. No such luck.  As I woke Derek he went into vomit mode.  FFS.  Are you serious?  Now this is f&*cked.

So that is how the day went. It didn't stop.  Oh Derek stopped throwing up. The big strong man that he is actually stopped purging but his body went into full cramping and pain and spasms instead.  He couldn't do anything but lie down.  He was in agony. I left him down his end of the house in his own version of hell while Tahlia and I kept battling with ours.  Poor little Darby (full of life) kept to the family room watching TV all day and eating crap out of the cupboard.  He even took the responsibility of looking after Max Factor and checking on us occasionally ....

By 6.00pm last night I was in melt down mode. I'd finally stopped throwing up two hours prior but poor little Tahlia was still going.  Derek was still down his end of the house sweating it out.  The weight of my family's health was too heavy.  We couldn't bring anyone into the house to help us. Too contagious.  I couldn't take Tahlia to the hospital to get fluid because no one was well enough to take her. I rang Emergency and they said they couldn't talk me through it, I either had to come in or just hang in there. So I rang Health Connect and they assured me we were doing all the right things but if I felt Tahlia was truly dehydrated (which was very possible) I should get her to hospital.  Then I rang Mum and just cried. She was too far away to help us (travelling) but also assured me we were doing the right things and that I could always call an ambulance if I was worried. Ok.  I then had Chelsea drive over with some dinner for Darby which she gave him at the front door.  DON'T COME IN.  Seriously.

Anyway, Tahlia finally stopped throwing up.  I finally stopped worrying.  We all finally fell asleep and now we are awake and smiling.  We're spending our morning taking in electrolytes, flat lemonade (Sprite), and trying to nibble on vegemite toast.

Yeah, it was hell.  As the Mummy I felt it.  The responsibility was huge. And I was so bloody sick myself. But hey, it's amazing what you can do when you have to.  And if this is the closest to hell I've been, then we're doing ok.  

That said I'm off to bed.  I'm weak and I've got a headache.  Thursday will officially be removed from the calendar ....


  1. Sounds like you are a family of survivors! The violently vomiting family is something I have experienced and all I can offer as advice is to throw my hands in the air and suggest "open the windows" if it works maybe - nothing else does...

  2. Oh goddess, you poor things. I felt like I was on the vom rollercoaster of pain with you.

    We have never had that get a grip of us as a family. Touch wood it never will. xxx from afar.


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