Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 521

Today is the day when we begin the World's Greatest Shave.  The day of the baldie waldie.  I can say that you know because I'm off to hold the hand of someone who is going baldie waldie.  So baldie waldie is my phrase for today. I can't believe she is doing it! Well actually, I can believe she is doing it.  You will recall I wrote about it here two weeks ago.

Since then Alisha gave me a call and asked if Mum might do the honors of cutting off her pony tail. Of course after reading my previous post on baldie waldies you'd know why. Wow. That's a big job! Alisha doesn't actually know my Mum, she's maybe met her once (?) but she knows her story. I'll be taking photos.

Mum of course said yes.  Mum has actually thought about doing it herself, but had decided it would be too hard.  Too many memories. Too much illness.  Too much dread.  Too much confusion, uncertainty and fear associated with her bout of the baldie waldies.  Yeah, roger that.  You've had your turn Mum.  Give someone else a go ....

Anyway, today is the day.  I'm not finished this post. I'm going to come back later in the day and tell you all about it.

So three cheers for Alisha as she prepares for her big day, and let me take this opportunity to say three cheers for E at Whining at the World as she too prepares for the big shave.

A few hours later:

Well I started crying the moment I arrived at the hairdressers. What Alisha is doing is so huge I am just so bloody proud.  So that got Mum all teary too.  But Alisha was brave.  She just did what she had set out to do and sat in the chair and got the show on the road.  There were loads of people (friends and family) along to support her.  Mum cut off her pony tail and the hairdresser did the rest.  Alisha now has a number 3 haircut all over.  And she looks sensational. I have not put her "after" photo here because I would like to respect her privacy, but she just looks so beautiful! I mean, some people can carry off being a baldie waldie, and Alisha appears to be one of them. I think it's because of her eyes.  Her eyes are big and lovely. But I'm not sure it is actually her eyes ... the eyes are the window to the soul ... and it's her soul that is perhaps so big and lovely.

Alisha's goal was to raise $2000 for the Leukaemia Foundation today.  She has raised over $4000.

This is one hellofa big WOOT WOOT!!!

Thank you Alisha ....  it's the Alisha's of the world that help keep the Brenda's of the world alive ....

Brenda (Mum) cutting off Alisha's pony tail.  Woot woot!!

Tis Friday.  Time to flog that blog ....


  1. Good on you Alisha! and well done for the hand holding

  2. You are amazing Alisha. And so are you Leanne! Good luck E. Cheering for you.

  3. Oh what a great post, and congratulations Alisha on this huge fundraising achievement. Bless your mum, Leanne, wanting to do it too. I'm with you, time for her to let someone else do it. xx

  4. Go Alisha! $4000 is amazing! And I can definitely understand your Mum wanting to do it but not being sure, I totally agree, she's had her go.

  5. Hey people, I'm Alisha's daughter Isi. I'd like to say thanks for your support towards my mum and that we have now actually passed the $5000 mark! I'm so proud of her, and I'm sure everyone else is too. Thank you. x

  6. Well done Alisha! What a great fundraising effort! From a fellow baldie waldie (well mostly).

    And thanks again for the plug L. Much appreciated.

  7. Over $5000?! Awesome work. Fantastic. Oh, and E, I popped over to your joint and checked out your new "do". Nice work ...

  8. Wow thats great that over $4000 was raised!!

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    Have a blessed Wednesday!! :0)


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