Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 522

We've escaped.

It's been a weird week.

We feel a bit out of sorts.

So we've escaped.

We got the house professionally cleaned yesterday.

Then for good measure we set off bug bombs all around the house. That was for the spiders and cockroaches and other creepies that have been hanging about ... but it could also kill the virus right?

Well, whatever.

We have escaped.

We are now at a seaside retreat for a few nights with extended family.

The sun is out.

The view is amazing.

The beach is calling.

Our eyes are alert for bigger than normal waves and our thoughts are with our Japanese "neighbours". Mother nature seems to have a virus of her own ... and she's purging big time.  Can someone please hand her a bucket?! 


  1. That looks positively gorgeous!

    I hope you all stay safe. I hear that it's hopefully gonna pass you all by.

  2. Have a wonderful break, you deserve it! Oh, and more photos please - that place is glorious.

  3. Oh you poor things, I've just read about your virus hell. Rest, relax, recover and generally DO NOTHING! xx

  4. Thanks everyone. More photos for my grateful Sunday post ...


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