Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 527

I did the monthly grocery shop yesterday. The big one. The replenishing of the cupboards trip. You know the one?  Where you get two of everything and the boxes are all super sized. Multiple jars of pasta sauce, rice, noodles, muesli bars, enormous boxes of cereal, a shitload of toilet paper (pun intended), toothpaste, the big eco friendly laundry liquid with tap, dozens of chicken drum sticks, big bags of fish, lots of big packets of home brand potato chips to divvy up in my own individual bags for kids lunch boxes (yes, it works out heaps cheaper) ….  Don’t you have that shopping trip?  Oh, well we do.  Husband gets paid once a month so it is once a month that I do a big shopping trip for the cupboard stuff and then just grab fresh fruit and veg each week. 

Anywho, I did the big monthly grocery shop yesterday.  I was in my normal “in the zone” frame of mind where I was too busy doing the shopping and getting the best bargains to pay any attention to anyone around me.  I was also fighting with the f*&ing trolley from hell.  (You will be pleased to know that I didn’t attempt to do it in heels this time … I have learned the hard way that the shopping trolley always wins.) So if you were there and trying to get my attention please don’t be mad. Any snub wasn’t intentional.  I was there for a purpose. All purpose and process (no room for joy, friendliness or casual banter).

Anywho (oh, I said that already ….)  Get to the point?  Ok. 

So I get to the check out with my overloaded trolley and the very lovely check out chick says her mandatory “hello”. 

Hello.  I start unloading. 

“Are you having a party?”

No, no. Just doing my monthly shop.  I continue unloading and getting on with the job. 

“You shop once a month? How do you get so much money to shop once a month?”

Um …. Oh …. Well … my husband gets paid once a month so I do it all at once.  

"Once a month he gets paid? Is he the boss? He must be the boss."

No, no. He's not the boss.

I stop unloading for a minute and look at her. She is smiling at me. Her eyes are dancing. She has beautiful eyes. Almond shaped. Wow, her hair is really black and silky. Lucky bitch.  I start unloading again …

“Do you have kids? You look like you must have lots of kids.”  She’s spotted all the potato chips and shit.

Yes, yes. Two kids.  I smile.  Now at this point I’m not sure whether to feel frustrated by her banter or enchanted by it. I mean, here I am all full of purpose and process, and here she is being all sparkly and chit chatty.  But I don’t know her.  I'm feeling a little awkward. Two minutes ago I didn’t even want to know her.  I just wanted to get this ghastly chore done and get home so I can get on with my life.  But now I’m thinking, this is kinda nice.  I’m feeling a little bit of that “country town friendliness” thing going on and it’s not that bad.

So I figure, why not?  Let’s chat.

Do you have children?

“Yes, I have two children as well. They go to school nearby.”

Lovely. So do mine.  We establish that they are at different schools but similar ages.  We also establish that this is a nice community and good place for kids to grow up. 

By the end of my trolley unload we know quite a bit about each other.  The process wasn’t any slower and it was kind of nice.  It made me loosen up a bit.  I had a smile on my face. 

As I sit here and type I can still see her face.  As plain as day.  She could well have just been a nosey bitch, but equally she could genuinely have been a nice lady looking for a new friend.

I’m not sure I’ll race to get to her check out again, nor will I seek her out for a coffee, but I reckon that when I pass her I will definitely look her in the eye, smile, and say hello.  In a world full of blank random strangers, she's no longer one of them. 


  1. I really get what you mean! I get into the grocery zone also. My BF's hubby gets paid monthly and it is hard for them. I now do my bulk shopping trips at that is the true definition of BULK :) lol

  2. I just did that yesterday. I am usually the chit chatty one. I try to find things that the other person will just start blabbering about until we're done. Makes everybody happier, and they don't usually stare at Chickadee or ask about her. Which I don't mind occasionally, but I already hate groceries. I'd rather get them to blabber.

    Everybody's happy. :)

  3. We don't have Costco yet. Can't wait to one day give it a whirl. I saw an episode on Modern Family where they went to Costco for the first time. Very funny.

  4. Well JBS, I may be converted :) The chit chat wasn't so bad. Getting me out of "the zone" and all. Sounds like you are a happy shopper ...

  5. My checkout lady is called Laura. I know her kids names and adventures. She has seen every kilo lost. She is a gorgeous chick. I have fefected to online groceries now, and I miss her. I need to zip in today and say Hi....


  6. Checkout chicks can make your day, and the funny things is, a friendly shopper makes their day more tolerable too.
    There are a couple of nice ladies in the store I shop at, and 'regulars' make a beeline for them.

  7. So it's settled then? Three cheers for cheery check out chicks!! Hip hip, horray ....

  8. I always get a shocked look when I ask how their day is going ... usually its the other way around! But they're always happy to chat and scan. So long as they can do both things at once its not a problem. Probably why there's more girl check out chicks than guys.
    I must say once a month that would be a long list, not to mention how many trips from the car into the house at I guess I'd say 4 ...!

  9. Isn't it lovely when something so mundane can make you actually happy? Like her smile, and her interest in you? I think you both shared a smile and some happiness.

    And really? You shop one big one a month? That's a long time between paychecks? Uber-impressed. xx

  10. Love your story! It's it funny how sometimes "good customer service" seems to odd/awkward to us.

    As a follower of my blog, I wanted to let you know about a give-away that I am having on my blog that I would love to have you join in on :)Check it out at

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Yep. Once a month. It makes for a very big load ... and far too many trips up and down the stairs when I get home. But on the up side, it's only once a month! Except for the fresh food, bread and milk runs I do in between ...
    Thanks for your comments girls :)


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