Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 528

We need a Blogger Dictionary.  It's time.

I started one way way WAY back when this blog began ... all those hundreds of days ago ... but I never did anything with it.  So now it's time.

It's time for us to band together and get the Blogtionary on the Blogatron.  Or is that the Blictionary in the Blogosphere?  Or perhaps it's more of a Blossary of a Blog Dog.  Whatever it is, it's time.

Who's with me?

Come on kids ... make your mark.  Either send me an email or leave a comment down below with your blog word, it's definition, and who we can attribute it's origins to (name and website) and I'll get this thing up and running ...

In the meantime here are the blog specific words I've been using here over the last 528 days. I first published them here and here.


Bloggers-block - inability to find anything to write about

Blogaphobia - the anxiety created when you discover you have nothing to write about (sweaty palms, dilated pupils, laboured breathing)

Bloganoia - the paranoia felt when you KNOW that everyone is waiting for your blog post to appear and you KNOW that they are all pissed off and about to "un-follow" you

Blogamortis - the rigour that sets in rendering you unable to move let alone type

Blogapation - constipation of the mind which is filled with stuff to write about but it is clogged and won't come out

Blogasteria - the hysterical tantrum that comes with bloggers-block, blogaphobia, bloganoia, blogamortis and blogapation.

Bluggish - your blogging brain is feeling sluggish

Blubbish - what you have written on your blog is rubbish

Blogapnoea - inability to sleep because you are thinking about your next blog post

Blog Dog - an uptight bitch who blogs (ie me)

Blordom - what you feel when you read a blog that is boring

Blogorrhea - the filthy dribble that you often see on blogs (including mine)

Bloggerific - a terrific blog post

Blugger - what you say when you stuff up (like "bugger")

Blogcation - a vacation from blogging

Bluck - another exclamation made when you stuff up

Bloggy - when you are feeling fuzzy in the head and kind of foggy making it hard to blog

Blingo - an exclamation made when you hit the Blogging jack pot or it can be also used to describe blogger lingo.

BIGJAM - Bluck I'm Good Just Ask Me

Blogorce: the divorce you get when one person is a blog dog (blog dog: an uptight bitch who blogs)

Bloggitude: your blogging attitude - can be negative or positive. "He has bad bloggitude!"

The Bloggatron: That wonderful fair-ride that is blogging. You start off having fun and can't get enough of it and keep lining up for more until eventually it just makes you plain sick and dizzy - refer to resulting conditions of Blogaphobia and Blogapnoea

A Blogaphobe: Someone who refuses to even read a blog, doesn't understand them and is basically afraid of them.

Blogathon: A creative session where you can't stop spilling out your thoughts, so much so that you have to open a Word document to get it all down and save it for posting another day.

Bletiquette: Blog etiquette.

Blogorama: When you open up sites such as Blog This and discover a whole new panoramic world of blogs!

Blaugh: The blogs that give you a good LOL (as opposed to Blarf which are the blogs that make you barf)

Blogasmic: A posting so awesome it blows everything else out of the water

Blogiscidal: Right up there with Blogapnoea, Blogaphobia, Bloganoia, Blogasteria. If you are feeling blogiscidal then perhaps blogging is no longer for you.

Blogiscide: When you post something that is so opinionated or so crass that people un-follow you. You have committed blogiscide.

Bloggable: The stuff you come across everyday that can be blogged about. It is totally bloggable.

Bloggobabble: The blog glossary is a classic example of bloggobabble.

The only problem with this project of mine is that the entire dictionary will be in the letter B.  Oh well. Who said we needed an entire alphabet? That's clearly a very limiting belief system ...

It's Friday. So not only do you need to give me a word or two, but you can also line up for a ride on the blogotron


  1. Blojo - the mojo that keeps your blog flowing.

  2. Blogamotion - when you just keep on chugging on.

  3. PS - Did you grab Jen's ticket and are ya goin' to ABC?

  4. Hi MM. They're great words! Thanks for participating. Have opened up a new dictionary blog which I'll get up and running soon to get it all out there ...
    The lovely Jen decided to spoil herself and paid full price for her airfares. I am so pleased she is going, but bummed that I'm not. I'm assuming you're going? Please give my love and hugs to all.

  5. Nope - not going as is Big Boy's birthday tomorrow. Seeing as he's a keeper I thought I'd better be nice to him and hang around for it...

    Next year maybe?

  6. Next year for sure! Oh, and I am soooo adding a word verification component to the blog dictionary after chatting about the fabulous new words over at your joint.

  7. I never knew how people can be so clever to start a dictionary of their own...ha ha..

  8. I love this soooo much!!! I suffer greatly from Blogapnoea! If I think of any I'll let you know :)

  9. Thanks :) In the meantime I'll find some to actually create a proper blog dictionary on line. How exciting! Look our Mr Macquarie Oxford ... here we come...


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