Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 530

How big is your boot? I'm looking for a really big boot ...

Does anyone have an enormous boot they can lend me? I feel the need to kick myself. Perhaps even beat myself over the head with it. Better still, why don’t you all get your boots on and come on over here and boot scoot on my arse. 

I have a friend who (many years ago) was out having drinks with a few friends when a very prominent Rugby League super star approached her inviting her to be his guest at the NRL Grand Final the following day.  Now this guy was an absolute dream. He looked good, he was tall(ish), buff, had a nice reputation and was one of the games legends.  My friend said (and I quote) “Oh, I’m sorry, I have a kitchen tea to go to …”  And with that she walked away. We were all gob smacked. This was right out of those lamb roast ads where the teenager gives up dinner with Tom Cruise for Mum’s lamb roast (although … these days that wouldn’t seem so strange). Anyway, my friend is loyal and she’d committed to the other event.  It’s that simple.

I am one of those people that is very committed and loyal. If you invite me to a party I will not ditch you for a better offer.  Once I’ve RSVPed it’s that simple.  You’re the priority.

That’s why I’m kinda kicking myself right now.  Last September I got an alert advising of the Aussie Bloggers Conference.  It was six months away. I spoke to Husband about it and we looked at the logistics but decided it was too early to decide, because, well … I had other things going on.  Six months ago when I looked ahead at March 2011 I was supposed to have launched my first book with the second coming out. I was supposed to be on book tours. We thought I was going to be swanning around the place being an author. Well, that was the vision. But as you know my first book still isn’t out.  It’s at the printers waiting for its run.  I have not had a launch and there are no concrete plans for a book tour just yet. 

So essentially what I did was give up the Bloggers Conference because I was waiting for something better to come along.  I should have just RSVPed and paid for my spot at the kitchen tea, but no … I was waiting for my big NRL superstar.

And then the tickets ran out. And the conference was yesterday. And I wasn’t there.  So now I am sitting back in the nose bleed section waiting for someone, anyone, to show the proceedings on the big screen and maybe even throw me a used gift bag.


I wasn't there, but I did the next best thing. I hijacked both Jen from Jemikaan and Lucy from Diminishing Lucy and begged to live vicariously through them.  I await with great anticipation to hear all about the kitchen tea. 

I think the saddest thing about all this is that I didn't get to meet them.  You know when you just connect with some people? Oh well. There is a reason for it all.  I'm not sure what that reason is just yet, but I do know it all happened this way for a reason.


  1. Next year! That's what I am telling myself. Next year will be huge and so much better than this year (of cause because we will be there too!!

  2. Don't worry - you're not the only one kicking yourself - save me a bit of boot...

  3. No kicking allowed. What's done is done.

  4. Leanne

    I need the boot too!

    Next year, we'll BOTH have to be there.

    SSG xxxSydney Shop Girl blog

  5. So pleased to hear I'm not the only one with the big old boot ...
    Happy Sunday everyone ...

  6. I could use one big boot right now as well... I went for an interview and even got selected but waiting for my NRL star, I said no to them and the NRL star hasn't yet called. Sigh.

  7. Saysarasara whatever will be will be ... there's always next year :) Sorry I'm a size 6 boot so no big kicks from me!

  8. Damn football players! Can't rely on them ...

  9. You were a thread that connected me to Jen and to the real world and I WISH you were on Twitter more so that I could've have shared more in real time. BUT, that said, I suspect the anticipation of NEXT YEAR will keep us all going. xxxx

  10. You were incredibly missed Leanne, meeting you would have made the day complete! I cannot wait till next year to meet you, the only boots that'll be in use then will be the ones on our feet :) xo


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