Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 531 This photo was borrowed from a Perth based fitness company

I don't like night.

I'm not sure why, or when it started, but I just don't look forward to the evening.

I'm a morning person. Well, mostly. I don't wake up all singing and dancing or anything. It takes me a little while to get my vocal chords active and my party face on.  But for the most part I am a morning person.

I like to wake up at a reasonable time and seize the day.  I have trouble with my gym time table because the classes I wish to attend are on at 9.30 or 10.30 and for me that is positively mid afternoon! By the time I get home, shower and dressed, my day is almost over.  When you work at home you've only got a 6 hour window before it's time to pick up the angels from school.  So You've got to hit the ground running ASAP.

I am often invited out of an evening during the week.  Well I used to be. People gave up on me pretty quickly when it was obvious I wasn't going to budge.  I always thought it was because I wanted to be with my family during the week to ensure good family time, homework, proper meal, cuddles at bedtime.  But then when invitations extended to weekends and I'd still baulk I realised it was not the kids at all.  I just don't like evenings.

Invite me to lunch or Brunch and I am there with lots of little bells on.  But night time just doesn't do it for me.  The truth is I'm usually in bed around 8.30 or 9.30pm.  Yep, I'm asleep within moments of the kids nodding off.  Poor husband ends up sitting up alone.  I try really hard on weekends to hang out with him.  I can sometimes make it to 10.30. Gee, I even made it to midnight a few weeks back but it took me a week to recover. Yeah, I find it hard.  I'm definitely not a vampire.  Is it because I am aging before my time? Is it the chronic fatigue associated with fibromyalgia?  Dunno.  Don't really care.  Just give me a fluffy blanky and a soft pillow come dark and I'm in heaven.

I used to be able to stay up until the wee small hours when I was into all that nightclubbing and shit. But I guess I've been there and done that and I bought the t-shirt.  I thought life couldn't get any better back then.  But the energy I had back then was alcohol, hormone and adrenalin filled. I find that I now prefer the pure energy and the promise and the action that daylight brings.  It's a peaceful energy.  One filled with soul ....

Who needs night times when you've got mornings?

I went looking for a good sunrise photo and happened across the above picture at EXFX Fitness in Perth.  Under that photo was the following message: 

Tomorrow is the start of something new. Something exciting and perhaps something scary.
But whatever it is, no matter what it is, you will face it with all heart and all determination just like it was your last day.
Tomorrow is your day.
Seize your day.
I couldn't have said it better myself.  Any Perth based followers looking for a fitness solution, check them out ....


  1. It's interesting to hear your perspective on things, because it gives me insight to my husband. I am a night person. Do not talk to me in the morning!!

  2. Very interesting, because I'm totally the opposite. I 'do' mornings only because I have to -- I love to stay up late late late (but that might be because the kid are in bed and it's peaceful?)


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