Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 533

Good morning.  The birds are singing, the husband is eating cereal and thinking about going back to bed for ten minutes, the kids are still sleeping, and the dog just farted (or was that me?).  My day is well and truly underway.

I just got off a 90 minute webinar on how to make your book a best seller.  I got up at 5.00am to connect to the 2.00pm US EST call.  Yeah, another early morning.  I'm the one getting the worm and all that ....

So yeah, a seminar on how to make your book a best seller. It's not enough that I'm actually going to be published ... that's only part of the goal ... I'm also planning on being a best seller.  Well, come on, might as well have a crack at it hey?  I've come this far. Gotta keep going ...

If you don't know about my book(s) then you're clearly a new follower. Welcome! Or you missed a few eps of the Deep Fried Fruit reality roller coaster.  Or something. Anyway - I'm a children's book author.

Did you hear how I said that with conviction and certainty? I AM A CHILDREN'S BOOK AUTHOR. I am.  Not I will be. Or I am about to be. Or I hope to be.  No. I AM a children's book author. I am ...

If you do know about my book you've probably been thinking I'm all talk and no action.  Nope. I'm all action, action, action. It's just a bloody slow process.

So where are things at?  Well I'm currently in discussions with Mr Publisher about marketing the first book.

No, it's not on shelves yet, but it will be in the next two months ... apparently ... it's sitting around waiting for its print run. But I'm not going to sit around waiting for the bloody print run.  I'm too excited to sit.  I'm taking action ...

I figure I might as well get the marketing started so that we can hit the ground running when I see the first hard copy.  The first thing I learned on the Webinar was to TAKE ACTION and market your own book. I already knew that.  What separates an author from a best seller is blatant self promotion.  Roger that ...

It is my job today to get the ISBN details and the distributor details so I can set about letting Australian book sellers know about it.  The Publisher will do that too ... but remember ... blatant self promotion.

I'm also chatting to Mr P about the audio book and who will be reading it.  Probably some random, but what if I were to do it myself?  Blatant self promotion ...

Plus we're talking about what sort of website to run with.  I already have one that is kind of amateurish, so would like a better one, for ... you know ... blatant self promotion.

Oh, and I have had my official author photos taken (had them done late last year) and my photographer has now done a bit of airbrushing to give me the face lift I've always wanted and to smooth out my frizzy wayward hair.  Fraudulent?  You bet ya! Do I give a shit? Nope.  Who wants another deep fried children's book author?  It's all part of the marketing.  That CD of photos is being sent to NYC today.  It's for the marketing campaign and may end up on the inside cover of the book. Yep, blatant self promotion ...

That's the first book.

Now for book number two.

Yesterday I actually got in the first three pages of coloured art work for my second book.  I have a different illustrator working on that one and he sent me through the artwork for approval yesterday arvo.  I am so excited! I got tingles when I saw them. Just like with my first book, the artwork for the second fits the theme perfectly.  Sure, there are some slight changes I would like. Slight. But overall I'm stoked!  I'm going through the approval process today ...

Books number three and four are sitting in a box waiting their turn when the time is right.

Book number five ... YES ... there is now a book number five ... is sitting in my notepad where I wrote it last night.  I have been playing around with ideas for months and then on Monday while I was cutting out copious amounts of paper butterflies for a year 2 class I had a big "ting" moment where the book (with its hook) just came to me in its entirety.  What a great feeling.

So that's where I'm at. While I don't have a book on a shelf yet, there is plenty of action, action, action going on.  I have lists and lists of things to do.  So much to set in place.  So much blatant self promotion to get going.

But it's happening ... it's still happening ...

Wanna see my wonderful airbrushed photo?  It's my blog and I'll blatantly self promote if I want to ...

Photo by the fabulous Rachel Houlahan from Juzz Photography


  1. Oh. Come now. I think you should use the fourth one from the right at the top of your blog. All the kids would want to buy your book! ALL OF THEM. ;)

    It all looks fab. Congratulations! THat was a lot of work.

  2. WOW WOW WOW. Now that is what you call action. I have so many things to learn from you lady. You are brilliant.

  3. Exciting times ahead you go girl!

  4. You look awesome, the book looks awesome, you are awesome! Self promotion is working as you know Id pre-order one if I could :). Go you :) xo

  5. You look amazing! I cannot wait to walk into my local bookshop and see your book on the shelf, I can't believe it's so close now. Squeee!


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