Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 534

I kinda get why reality TV is so popular.  It's the fascination we have about seeing how others live I guess.  I watch a little bit of reality TV.  Not of the Big Brother variety. That was just a train wreck.  More the Biggest Loser variety.  But I guess that isn't so much reality TV anymore, that's more a weightloss program. Reality TV these days refers more to people just wandering around their lives with a camera following them. I quite like watching shows about the everyday comings and goings of people of profile. I've already admitted to having stalked Tori Spelling in Tori and Dean - Home Sweet Hollywood.  And just recently I watched a three part show on Danni Minogue which really interested me.  It was filmed in the last 4 months or so of her pregnancy and showed how she was juggling her British TV commitments, with her Aussie TV commitments, her new clothing line, perfume line and her autobiography, while still being very pregnant, having time to spend with her fabulous boyfriend and preparing for the birth of her first child. I think what attracted me to both those shows was because it was about women, going through life, juggling the everyday stuff while still striving to achieving some major goals.

Anyway, it got me to thinking.  What would my life look like as a reality TV show? Particularly after my post yesterday about the action, action, action and blatant self promotion in ensuring my book(s) is a best seller. Could this be interesting to someone?

So I got myself a camera to follow me about the house for half a day.  I took note of the reality TV formats that I like.  Not the bitchy, catfighty, loads of screaming and hair pulling variety. It's got to be task orientated. A bit of speaking to the camera.  Following someone trying to achieve a goal.  Anyway, I did it.  Gotta tell ya ... my life ain't very fascinating.  But if Danni can do it, so can I!

Warning: rated EB (for extremely boring)


  1. Love it. Love the slices of Leanne life. A natural born vlogger I think! So nice to be able to see you in person! xxx

    (AND really really well shot and edited and all those techilogical things...)

    And you all, you, the kids, Max, are all gorgeous.

  2. **blush**
    It was scary Lucy
    Putting it out there was very scary ...

  3. Terrific video Leanne and I loved 'seeing' a little bit of your life. You are so calm :) that is so totally opposite of the way my household runs ;). Loved it! Well done :)


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