Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 535

Well that whole Deep Fried Reality TV was an epic fail.  The pilot show didn't even get off the ground. I guess not actually listing it publicly on You Tube didn't help.  So no series for me.

Is my life really that dull, colourless and boring?  Really? It is?  Bugger ...

Or is it just that I was on my best behaviour?

I can do mean and nasty and yell and scream. Oh hell yeah. I can do all that.

Perhaps I need to do some yelling and screaming and pulling of hair.  That'll get everyone talking. I'll throw a few tanties.  Kiss the mailman.  Go out of the house without underwear.  Might even throw in a car accident, a sex tape and an alcohol and drug fueled night club incident.

There are so many different realities out there. There are those that live a very Jersey Shore existence, those that are a little more Kardashian, others who are The Amazing Race, some who are the Biggest Loser, you might be a candidate for Wife Swap, or Teen Mom, or Deadliest Catch.  You could even be a Renovation Rescue type or a Real Housewife.

Me ... my reality is not one that is currently on TV.  I guess because it is a pretty standard reality.  Who needs a TV show about it when we're all living it?

Me ... I'm a mum who had a career and chose to give it all up when I saw the kids growing up without me.

I'm the mum who is doing the whole at home thing while now trying to find some purpose beyond children.

I'm the mum who feels guilty for not contributing enough to the family finances and who relies too heavily on a husband to get the bills paid.

I'm the mum who is so fiercely independent that I hate needing people.  I want people in my life. But I don't want to need them. But strangely enough it's ok if they need me.  In fact, it gives me purpose ...

I'm the one who put my first child into daycare at three months of age and the second in daycare at 6 months.  Who, because her first daughter knew nothing but daycare then got an attack of the guilts when second child was two so packed it all in to come home.

I'm the one who since then has volunteered at the school so often and been involved in so many activities up there that I decided to get on the relief payroll.

I'm the one who has slowly been trying to build her own business, calling on all her strengths to offer a service to others who may be in a similar situation and need a little help to find their purpose and get their dreams off the ground. A business that helps people achieve beyond ordinary.

I'm the one whose dream is to be an author.

I'm the one whose dream is to help as many children in the world as possible believe in their own power despite the circumstances in which they may have been born.  I'm trying to fulfill that dream through my children's books.

And while I'm at it I'm just trying to find a sense of purpose. Something for me.

That's who I am.  That's my reality.  It doesn't need a TV show.  I think we're all living it to some degree. Don't you think?

What's your reality?
What reality TV show would you be?


  1. Mine would be so so so so similar to yours. Only I do not look as good in white pants.


  2. I would watch you! I have often dreamed that I would make an excellent reality TV star. I have had TWO (count them, TWO) people tell me they would like me to have a reality show, so obviously, it would be great. Thanks for your SITS comments and support!!!!! :)

  3. I would make such a dull reality star. Seriously, I like me loads, but I wouldn't even watch myself.

    I would LOVE to do Wife Swap. I think that's the best show ever.

    And, of course, imagine me on So You Think You Can Dance? x

  4. Yes, Lucy white is a little tricky. When I saw myself on the video I realised that perhaps I shouldn't be doing white pants either ...

    Kristy ...I would watch you. Seriously. Get Mr Tripod to follow you about one day and post it! (Now you can make that THREE... count them .. THREE people who want to see your reality TV show.

  5. I look forward to seeing you on SYTYCD Maxabella. Totally ...

  6. A real mum's reality show! I'd watch it!

  7. don't feel guilty for not bringing money in - tot up how much you do and put a cost on it - I bet you are cheap! childcare - house care and all the rest of it, how much would it cost to get someone else do it? more than you eat and spend on shoes maybe? Well probably not - women are pretty expensive when it comes to shoes.

    Oh and Maxabella - any chance you could swap with my wife?

  8. Well I had to end college because of the first little dude, got way sick. Hubby moved us to where there is no college. Did lots of stay at home work jobs and my own daycare, then the last little surprize dude made me almost die and live with him in a hospital for 7 months. Ended my daycare buisness since ya know ya just can't drive two hours back and forth to work if your sleep deprived and worrying and the baby lives in a hospital.

    You are a rare breed when they say you put your kids first over the career, more power to you girl cause they are worth it in the end. Now me I am still taking care of kids on a bus as a handicap helper and the little guy does go to preschool and daycare for about two hours and I work while he is busy doing. So there is life after the kids get older.

  9. My reality show would have to be in the style of a silent movie because I detest - DETEST - speaking on camera. Add in the fact that I live in the sticks and never actually do anything and it would certainly be a dull show. Though there could be plenty of boob shots - my sister-in-law lives nearby and is very fond of barely-there tops.

  10. LOL - Maxabella/Glen Wife Swap.
    Emma - Sister-in-law baring all! Essential in any reality TV show ...
    HCGPower - sounds like you've got a pretty good reality show right there!

  11. Your reality kicks butt over any of the crap on tele these days. My reality show would be set in rehab, so it might actually get some air time :)

  12. Your reality show rocks :). Mine would more represent The Osbournes...without the stoner dad but plenty of drama, fighting, occasional cussing and meltdowns! *sigh*


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