Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 536

I strongly believe that riding our bikes 3km each way to McDonalds just now cancelled out the fact that we ate crap for breakfast.  Do you agree?

I also strongly believe that tripling the amount of cranberry juice I put in my Cosmopolitans last night cancelled out the negative affects the vodka may have on my liver.

And eating copious amounts of garlic in my chicken kiev last night will definitely help with the oncoming cold and flu season which must cancel out the effects the mountain of sour cream mash potato I devoured.

And sitting down watching Nanny McPhee with the kids will cancel out the fact that I am going to hide in my bedroom this arvo and watch my secret stash of 90s chick television.

In my mind I am definitely Even Steven ....

Today I am grateful for push bikes, cranberry juice, garlic and kids movies.  Oh and I am also grateful for gel bike seats and the money that I need to go and buy one.  I have a serious case of bike bum ...

What are you grateful for?

Head on over and check out a world of gratitude at And Then There Were Four who is hosting on behalf of Maxabella Loves this week.


  1. Chicken Kiev. Oh my. I haven't made that for ages. NOW i know what indulgent dinner to make for the fab five for tomorrow night...

  2. hehe love it, I agree with you completely ☼

  3. I like to eat a bowl of ice-cream when I get home from a run......true!!!! I hear you sista! Too funny.

  4. Am still giggling - I'll eat dessert after exercising at night, because really, it's all square again, right? I'm so glad others see things the same way :)

  5. So we're all agreed. We're Even Stevens. I am now going to pour myself a champagne because I've been drinking water all day. So (yet again) I'm Even Steven!!
    Cheers everyone
    And Happy (grateful) Saturday

  6. I like your eating/exercise equation. Works for me! Bike bum is never fun - I haven't found much success with different seats. I think it improves with more time on the bike. Catch-22! Thanks for lnking up x

  7. I am grateful for late mornings on weekends, green tea and the light music that is playing in my head now.


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