Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 538

Attention, Attention:  A Monday "woot woot" give away!

Woot woot!!

It's Monday.  That's a good enough reason to go "woot woot".

I know, I know. For many people Monday's suck.  I can understand that. Totally. Monday's used to suck for me too.   But Monday's for me now are an absolute "woot woot".  There is so much opportunity in a Monday.

Monday is a brand new day.

Monday is a brand new week.

Monday is a blank page in which to create.

Monday is a blank canvass in which to paint.

Monday is cheerific.

Monday is when the kids and husband have somewhere to go and I get the house to myself ....

You thought I was being all positive and full of self awareness and being like a "power of the mind" guru up there didn't you? When in fact I was actually being all selfish just wanting some peace and quiet.  Well, I was being both I suppose.

I have a few Achieve Beyond motivational packs of cards to give away to anyone who can give me a bit of "woot woot" on this brand new Monday.

Just tell me (via comment or email) what opportunities this brand new week brings for you. 

And if you're lacking a bit of motivation, tell me what you wish you could be doing this week instead.

Competition closes this Wednesday evening, 
30 March 2011, at midnight.  

If anyone is having trouble getting a bit of Woot Woot into their Monday's this pack of cards will help you! They'll give you the motivation and spring in your step you need to pursue your week.

Me? What goals do I have for this week?

Getting back to the gym after almost four weeks off ...

Bedding down the contract for my second kids book ...

Taking one of my client projects to the next level ...

Helping my husband have the best birthday ever ...

Finalising Darby's therapy and moving forward positively with his reading ...

Helping Tahlia feel calm yet excited about her first calisthenics duo comp this Friday ...

Yep, it's a Woot Woot kinda day ....

A Woot Woot kinda week ...

Join me in a bit of conga line Woot Woot ....


  1. Oh dear. I woke up this morning wishing it was Sunday...
    mustering enthusiasm now...
    w00t w00t
    I'm baking today, for lunchboxes

    I'm moving plants in the garden

    the kids are at school today so I have time for craft

  2. Mondays suck there's no denying it!
    Woot woot I'll be cooking Indian (nearly) every night to perfect Friday's dinner party menu
    Woot woot I'll be buying new place mats and tablewear to pimp my new outdoor table
    Woot woot I'll finish the last book in the trilogy for 'Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest'

  3. I no have woot, woot, I have shit, shit.

    Damn estates, probate and scary stuff like paperwork.

  4. The best thing is that Monday is almost over. YAY.

  5. This Monday my Woot Woot was touching a dolphin 3 times and having my photo taken with one. Helping my boy overcome his fear and touch one also :D. Also going on a ton of rides and watching the joy on my little mans face as he watched the "Bid Sharks!!"

    My week is filled with joy and sadness as we spend our last full day on holidays today before heading home tomorrow :( and are thrust straight back to school and work Thursday *boo hoo*

    My normal Monday though involves work and no matter how hard it is to get going in the morning there's no doubting that the day flies by with fun so this year mondayitis doesn't hit me as often as in the past :).

  6. I'm lacking motivation. These cards would be WONDERFUL for me.
    This week i wish i were lying on the beach somewhere tropical cocktail in hand, Mr Black by my side, kids playing nicely off to the side.
    It's been a rough start to the year. A break would be nice.

  7. These are my Woot Woots.

    My generous friends and family have helped me raise $1115.00 for the Leukaemia Foundation.

    I think I may have found a way to get piece of me back. Check out last night's blog post and tell me if I am nuts! I, not so secretly, think I am. I am currently freaking out that I posted that. So really I'm nto sure if that is a Woot Woot or more a What the hell was I thinking?

    Another Woot Woot is that a family member had a baby girl yesterday. Congratulations to them.

    Hope you are having a great day.

  8. I couldn't help it. The woot wooters all deserve a prize. And those with no woot in their world, well ... I just want to give you some. So you're all woot woot winners!!
    Thanks everyone.
    Achieve Beyond quote cards on their way (once you give me your address details)


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