Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 541

Husband's secret to a great birthday:

  1. Surround yourself with older people to make you feel positively youthful.  
  2. Ring a whole heap of organisations where you have to constantly give your birth date because then you get loads of surprised and very genuine happy birthday wishes (eg Medibank, the optometrist, the license renewal place).  
  3. Go shopping and let people know you're buying your own gifts because that gives you extra special attention, a little bit of sympathy and more happy birthdays. Ignore wife's eye rolling ...
  4. Organise your wife to post a happy birthday message to you on Facebook and blog so that more people you have never met wish you a happy birthday.  Then pretend not to care when she reads out all the woot woots ...
  5. Have a game of golf with the boys and don't remind them it's your birthday until you get there and then they'll high five you and slap you on the back and buy you beers. Remember to make sure all these guys are older than you.  
  6. Go out to dinner with the family the night BEFORE your birthday to get it over and done with so that on the actual day you can sit around on the couch all night burping and farting and watching sci fi and the cricket.
  7. Make sure you have demanded a full night alone with wife on the weekend and other ten minute alone times in between. Remember, birthdays last a week ... (whose silly rule was that?)
  8. Go back to number (1) and keep those people in your life for a really long time so that you never actually age ....

During all Derek's birthday fun the big Woot Woot giveaway ended.  

To be honest there was so much woot wooting, and also a handful of people needing a bloody good woot woot, that I've decided to give away a pack to everyone!! So all you commenters (and emailers) please email me your postal addresses and I will send you out your woot woot!! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Mr Deep Fried Fruit!

    I like your thinking.


    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. I think I'll be using some of Mr DFFs tips later this year, when I turn 46! I keep saying the number so it's not such a shock when I get there.

    And w00t w00t, I love being a winner! thanks Leanne. :)

  3. Sounds like hubby had a damn good Bday!
    Thanks Leanne your a star x

  4. What perfect insights on spending a damn good birthday. I love with when I get birthday wishes like the ones mentioned in no. 2. I love it.

    and lady, thank so much for the woot woot kindness. i was so surprised when i read your comment, and i was trying to sink it in. my sister kept nagging me, what woot woot! and then i had to explain everything to her. it was fun, bring a winner for once. although, i am thinking whether it is sending things all the way across continents. i am happy that you thought of us all. maybe you should skip me. thanks anyway Leanne for the wonderful morning surprise.



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