Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 542

Do unicorns actually shit sparkles?  I hope so, because that would be cool.

Speaking of unicorns shitting sparkles, I often hear the word "unicorn" come up when I start talking positive psychology speak.

What is positive psychology? Well for one it's not all unicorns shitting sparkles.  Positive psychology is not about being up or happy all the time.  It's about finding the best balance for good life perspective.  The whole positive thinking movement is moving from one of personal development and self awareness training to one of scientific research of a new psychology genre.  It can get a bit of a bad rap at times because it is often referred to as happiness training.  Which is where the whole unicorns shitting sparkles comments come from.  No one should expect anyone to be happy all the time because the world definitely isn't full of unicorns.  We all experience major life altering events and no one expects people to remain happy through the rough times. I think I read that the University of Pennsylvania research suggests for good life perspective we should be aiming for around one negative thought for every 11 positive thoughts? Don't quote me on that.  Anything higher and we become hyper manic and kind of unrealistic and start to lose empathy.  Anything lower than one positive thought for every (say) 6 positive thoughts becomes a bit of a dippy downer.  I can't remember the exact numbers that were being thrown about.  

It sounds like I know what I am talking about.  Not really. I do a lot of self learning on the subject because that's kinda what I do. I'm into the whole positive psychology thing. But I did go to a conference on the topic where there was an actual unicorn!  A Harvard University Professor was speaking about the psychology of happiness and the up principles associated with the science of the positive brain.  His name is Shawn Achor. Google him and you can see some of his videos.

He started to believe in positive psychology from the age of 7 years old after he accidentally pushed his younger sister off the top bunk. They had been told that under no circumstances should they wake their parents from their Saturday afternoon nap so to stop her from screaming blue murder he said something like "wow, you landed on all fours .... that means you really are a unicorn!! Only a real unicorn could do that".  And with that her tears stopped and what had been a moment of pain, frustration and anger for her, became a moment of wonder, challenge and happiness. Her perspective had changed. I am not sure she could poo sparkles, but it was a good story and one that set the path of his future studies.

Anyway, there was a reason I started writing about this today, but I have forgotten what it is!! Can you believe that? Deep fried brain ...

Shit. All these facts and figures and sparkle poo has made me forget where I'm up to.  There's nothing attention deficit about me at all ....  (clears throat) ....

It does beg the question though - why do some people rise above challenges while others struggle? Why do some people seem to attract more opportunity than others?

My favourite quote: 
We see the world not as it is, but as we are. 

How about I just throw on a bit of Shawn Achor from You Tube to get your Friday underway?

 I'll come back tomorrow when I remember what the original point of this post was  ....

For more head on over to You Tube and search for him.  He's great. And ohhhh sooooo gooooood loooking.  Yeah. I met him. Got a bit star struck. Got my photo taken.  Had a chat. He even encouraged me forward with the writing of my kids books.  He is the one that inspired me to write My Happy Gift.  So I'm lovin' Shawn.

But that's enough of that. Post over. See you tomorrow ...

PS This blog is getting far too serious. I think I need to get back to talking about saggy bums, chin hair and Neck Perfect. What do you think? 

Wanna do some blog flogging? Tis Friday after all ...


  1. A unicorn is also a term for the mythical "hot bi babe" that couples sometimes seek for threesomes.

    just throwing that out there ;)

  2. OMG! Now that puts a different spin on things ..... LOL .....

  3. How cool is FYBF?! That's how I found your awesome blog and now you've got a new devotee, I mean, follower!

  4. Welcome Jacki! Yep ... FYBF is the bomb.

  5. I always think people bitch about the annoying qualities in someone else that most remind them of the qualities they have themselves... does that make sense?

    And yes, FYBF rocks, so happy I get to flog-sit for a while :)

  6. I agree with you 100% oh Glowy one .. 100%


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