Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 546

After all that fabulous spa bath creativity on Sunday morning I didn't write the book.  Spa bath creativity? That's got you wondering hasn't it ... don't get too excited ... it's all very G rated ... you can catch up here

By the time I got out of the bath, and blogged about my own fabulousness, the book disappeared from my brain. A bit like the point of that Friday post about unicorns shitting sparkles.  The original thought just vanished. My deep fried brain just can't seem to hold onto a thought for more than an hour or so.  There is obviously a sieve in there ... my brain has holes in it. My new found creativity was very short lived.

But that's ok.  I have planted the seed for book number 6.  I have the basis for the book and I have the WHY I need to write it.  I even have the parents/carers notes outlined.  It's all there ready to go.  It's in my brain somewhere.  It may have temporarily slipped down a rabbits borough, but deep in the pit of my Alice in Wonderland mind, it still resides and I have absolute faith it will present itself again.  It will.  Of course it will .... won't it?

There are other things in my brain that I need to find too.  Today I need to find those clients notes I filed in there a week ago.  The ones with all the action, action, action, along with the side notes that were filled with energy, energy, energy.  I need to retrieve those notes from the ol' mental filing cabinet ASAP.  Got a day in the home office today and apparently I am writing a business plan and creating a product DVD. Apparently ....

How's your brain treating you?  Has your filing clerk got everything ship shape? What important bits of information have you lost in the rabbit warren that is your mind?

Speaking of rabbits, Max ate one yesterday. It was all a bit surreal.  Two dogs chasing a wild rabbit, one dog killing the rabbit. The other dog then chowing down on it for breakfast.  I can't say I'd ever seen that happen right in front of me. I wonder if that rabbit was book number 6? I hope a dog hasn't dived into my rabbit borough ...

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  1. My brain can't remember a damn thing...and it used to be so efficient. *sigh*


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