Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 547

I am deep fried fruit suffering a teenagers fate.  I have pimples.

It's been happening for a few years now.  It started in my cleavage.  Just a few little sweat pimples.  Then it started going up my neck.  Around my chin line.  Now it's at the back of my neck and on my back.  Not loads and loads.  But enough.  Not little sweat suckers, but actual pimples.  Why? WHY!! WHYYYYYYYYYY.

Is this hormonal? Am I peri-menopausal?  Have I skipped the peri and gone straight into the big M? Am I really racing down that road towards the big golden arches?  I wrote about menopause being on the horizon back here at Day 70.  Yikes!

Or is this just lack of hygiene? Am I not scrubbing enough? Is it just exercise sweat and make up residue? I have the antibacterial style scrubs that I use.  Do I need something more?

Could it all be related to my food sensitivities, IBS, migraine and fibro?  Is my body telling me there is crap inside and this is how it pushes it out of my system?

I never thought that at this age I'd be watching the Pro Active commercials with my fingers hovering above my phone ready to dial 1800ZITBEGONE.  Middle age has enough challenges without adding acne to the equation.

I am deep fried fruit suffering a teenagers fate.

Any advice?


  1. LOL, same, on my forehead!!
    I'm blaming bloody peri-menopause. Because I blame that for absolutely everything these days!

  2. I have the SAME problem. I didn't have skin this bad when I *was* a teen so I'm pretty well annoyed that I have to deal with it in my 30s! If you find something good, let me know!

  3. The big golden arches.... Leanne, that made me laugh out loud.

    I think pimples are even more ageless and timless than LBDs. Bugger.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  4. Lol. Im with Thea. EVERYTHING now gets plunked in the "Im peri-menopausal, what of it?" pile.

    Leanne I Lol-ed along with you because my 45 year old sister & I had this very conversation yesterday. She hasn't seen my parents in 4 yrs and they were flting in to see her. This is what she said and I quote - "Freakin heck! I have a face full of pimples, not cute little ones either, ugly big ones!! My period's due tomorrow so I'm all bloated, puffy, crampy & crabby. I don't fit into any of my clothes & i just want to cry". Aww bless. Know how that feels!! And most of my 40-something friends all feel the same way.

  5. Same...... I ended up going to the GP. She prescribed 2 lots of ointment, works a treat!

  6. I used to get this when I ate too much soy....and when I was stressed.....and when I drink too little water....



  7. So, I'm not the only one? Sorry to hear you're all suffering a similar ageless conundrum (LOL, as ageless as the little black dress? good one) but I'm also kinda pleased I'm not a freak of deep fried nature.
    Don't tease me BOB and MABEL ... what was the ointment?


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