Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 552

It is Monday. The day I normally celebrate a new week with endless possibility.  The day I normally throw on a bit of Jackson 5 background music and "do a little dance, share a little love, and start the week right (wooooo), yeah, start the week right ...."

But not today. Today I have no mojo, blojo or any get-up-and-go-jo.  Mondayitis? Sinusitis? Just a plain ol' case of the fuckity-fuckits?

Ever since I felt that there was something in the wind I've gone down.  No idea why. Does this mean the something in the wind is a bad something? Or am I just plain frustrated with all the waiting? But I figure it's ok to go down.  It's not the falling down that's the issue - we all need to lay low for a bit - it's how long you stay there that matters.

Today I am going to sit around and contemplate my naval. And my chin hairs. And my pimples. And my neck curtains.  Oh, and I am also going to be sitting at the Australian Institute of Sport watching my baby girl swim in the PSSA event.  Yeah, she made it to regionals.  She's bloody clever.

It is Monday.

I'm gonna lay low.

We'll get back to endless possibility and Jackson 5 tomorrow. I don't plan on staying down for long ...


  1. If you were bright, bubbly and productive all the freakin time I'd want to slap you! I'm glad your having an off day it means your human and so am I :)

  2. Hugs and warm slippers and chillout music to you. XX

  3. LOL Michelle. Yes, I'd probably be slapped at home too.

    Lucy - wanted to wear my uggs to AIS swim thing but bailed at the last minute and put on some comfy flats instead. Uggs and velour tracksuit was just a little too Suburban Barbie :)

  4. HI Leanne. Seems like the monday bug hit you too... I am so glad to be back though. The internet had gone with the wind and i missed everything here. Will be catching up with you.


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